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(1) Montana Wildlife Federation
Monitors governmental, commercial, industrial and private activities that affect our natural resources

(2) The Pony Place
We breed Canadian sport POA ponies. Family fun website for information about CPOA and ponies for sale priced to fit your needs and budget also stallions at stud

(3) Papiliorama Nocturama - Tropical Gardens
Learn about tropical fauna - daytime and nocturnal

(4) Dandy Lions Persians
Dandy Lions Persians site for cat lovers! Cat Chat room, bulletin board, tons of info and much more

(5) Northwind Arabians
Breeders of show quality Arabian horses, we offer select individuals for sale and at stud. Standing SWA Ansair, last producing son of *Corsair.

(6) Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada
Maintains the official pedigree and breed records for all Canadian Registered Appaloosa Horses

Visit a small Oregon farm raising Arabian horses and Highland cattle. Lots of pictures, stories and information

(8) HorseWeb
Contains Web Pages of horses, horse products and services. HorseWeb Search will help you look for a specific HorseWeb Site or entry

(9) Thoroughbred Times On-Line
Features information about Thoroughbreds, stallion directory, buyer's guide etc

(10) JES Exotic Animal Rescue
Dedicated to the rescue and refuge of abused and abandoned exotic animals. Home to more than 50 large cats and other animals who had been abused, starved or in danger of death

(11) SHEA Park
Safe Haven for Endangered Animals - Exotic Animal Sanctuary

(12) Thunderhawk Enterprises, Inc. - Big Cat Rescue
A non-profit volunteer organization founded by Ray Thunderhawk which is dedicated to the preservation of the 'great' cats

(13) Big Cats On-Line
Big Cats Online offers both a general and more detailed introduction to the various species of cat living in the wild today

(14) Cat Tales - Zoological Training Center
Train to become one of the best at the ONLY school of it's kind. Come join us... work with Lions and Tigers and Leopards...

(15) College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), Washington State University
A multi-million dollar state-of-the-art complex serving the entire Pacific Northwest

(16) African Lion Safari
Visitors are caged in their cars while the animals roam free across the zoo's 20 hectare park (auto-launches sound)

(17) Cyber Zoomobile
Virtual access to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Enter an interactive realm where you are able to bring many of the world's most exotic species into your home for study and research, or simply your viewing pleasure

(18) Henry Doorly Zoo
A world class facility in every sense of the word, the Henry Doorly Zoo, Lied Jungle and Scott Aquarium yearly attract more than a million visitors

(19) Oakland Zoo
Has over 300 animals from 50 different species living in lush, naturalistic settings Our collection is organized in biomes, geographic regions that represent the ecosystem of that area

(20) Colchester Zoo Stanway Essex England UK
Colchester Zoo Essex England devoted to furthering understanding and respect for animals. A recognised international centre of excellence. Devoted to conservation research and education



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