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(21) Frisbee Dog Club: National Capital Air Canines Homepage for Disc Dogs (NCAC)
National Capital Air Canines Homepage. Where the Fur Come to Fly

(22) Samoyed Club of America, Inc
Information about Samoyed history, feeding exercise, shwos, health, temperament, breeding standards and club events

(23) Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc. (SHCA)
Welcome to the homepage for the Siberian Husky Club of America, Inc Established in 1938, the SHCA, Inc, is the AKC-recognized, national breed club for the Siberian Husky

(24) The Golden Retriever Review
The site offers the only national list of Golden Retriever stud dogs with color photos, five generation pedigrees and health clearances

(25) World Kennel Club (WKC)
Founded by people interested in the welfare and breeding of 'PURE-BRED' dogs. Registers PURE-BRED dogs and keeps records for your convenience

(26) The National Gerbil Society
Information on Gerbils, Jirds, and The National Gerbil Society

(27) Complete Hamster Site
The ultimate hamster site on the web. The Complete Hamster Site covers all aspects of hamster keeping and care as well as species, breeding hamsters, hamster genetics and Hamster Clubs

(28) Hamster Fanciers of America
Welcome to the Hamster Fanciers of America page. Please check back occasionally to see if we've added new info. Coming soon will be our Gallery of Colors and several links pages

(29) The Hamster Club of America (HCA)
Hamster chat, breeder listing, products supplies, types and colors, lins etc

(30) Appaloosa Horse Club of Canada
Maintains the official pedigree and breed records for all Canadian Registered Appaloosa Horses

(31) AWhitehorse
An online magazine with lots of information about horses. Features games, chat, clubs and links

(32) Horsefun
The absolute best site on the internet for kids who LOVE horses and everything horsey - don't miss this one

(33) Jockey Club
Organization dedicated to the improvement of Thoroughbred breeding and racing

(34) Little Bits Riding Club For The Disabled
A non-profit organization that offers disabled individuals the opportunity to enjoy the therapeutic and recreational benefits of horseback riding

(35) Ontario Jockey Club
Infromation about thouroughbreds, standardbreds, horse racing etc

(36) - The offical site for United States Pony Clubs
Provides a program for youth that teaches riding, mounted sports, care of horses and ponies

(37) UMC Horseman's Association
UMC Horseman's Association is for anyone interested in horses. We meet every other week during the quarter

(38) The First Complete Online Hog Producers / Breeders Directory
Listing of hog producers, show pig breeders, hog semen suppliers, hog equipment, hog feed dealers, swine shows and sales, swine Associations and Registry, and more...

(39) Welcome to PigPals
Janey and Jackson enjoy mashed potatoes

(40) The Rat and Mouse Club of America
Information about shows, care, rescue groups, vets, reta links and more



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