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(41) LoneStar Guppy Hatchery
Award winning fancy show guppies available. Years of selective breeding have produced the top blood lines in the world

(42) Luzza International Livestock Corp
AAA Service in Worldwide Livestock Exporting from Canada and/or USA Your source for Genetic and Production improvement

(43) Magnetic Pet Products
Bionorth magnetic energy is proven to extend the life of pets up to 50% Try our magnetic pet collars and bedding

(44) Managing Pig Health and the Treatment of Disease
Have you ever wanted to know how to recognise, diagnose, treat, manage and control diseases on the pig farm

(45) Mason's Animal Feeds
Manufacturers of quality feeds for dairy cows, calves, beef cattle, sheep and pigs

(46) Merrick Pet Delicatessen
Home of all natural pet treats, Chews & Snacks - no salt, sugars or preservatives added

(47) Mountain Meadows Pets Home Page
Their goal is to provide safe, healthy and effective products for pets, people, and the Earth, while using only naturally occurring materials that will biodegrade

(48) Mid Carolina Media
Richard A Wolters hunting dog training videos - Family, Game, Gun, and Water Dog

(49) Neo-Paws Pet Safety Apparel
A full line of high quality, innovative & easy to use products with the animal's safety, comfort & performance in mind

(50) Nutra Cell Labs Pet Nutrition Center
100% all natural nutrients for cat (feline), dog (canine), equine (horses) it includes all necessary vitamins for pet care, pet health and good nutrition naturally

(51) Pet Adventure
Personalized leather dog collar Soft, supple English bridle leather Brass name plate with your dog's name engraved

(52) Pets 4 Life
Ontario, Canada's Pet Holistic store & Information Centre! You will find all-natural pet food for dogs, cats, and ferrets, pet food supplements, and a multitude of educational information

(53) Potbelly Pigs Online Potbellied Pigs Breeders Pet Pigs Pot Belly Resouces
Potbellied pig breeders and consultants. Produce an exceptional line, Starlite Show Pigs. Inforamtion about the proper care and training of the pet pig

(54) Purr-fect Privy Litter Containment System
A System that eliminates tracking

(55) Rat-Enhanced Specialties
They're unique and each item authentically and individually enhanced by actual rats - Shirts, Socks, Bath and Wash Cloths etc

(56) Welcome to Reptile Depot
Quality reptiles and supplies

(57) Revival Animal Health 1998 On-Line Small Animal Catalog
Specializes in pet, horse, and small animal supplies

(58) Roadhogs Recruitment Agency for the Pig Industry
The leading staff placement agency for the pig industry Employers can register permanant or temporary vacancies and job seekers can find new opportunities

(59) Rolf C. Hagen Inc Home Page
Quality pet supplies for all pets, including fish, bird, cat, dog, small animals (hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, etc.) reptiles and outdoor pond and pool supplies (English & German)

(60) Sherpa's Pet Trading Company
Now you can take your pet wherever you travel safely and securely with these airline approved soft-sided carrying bags



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