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(41) Iguana Care basics- 101
Care of the green iguana including diet, housing, lighting, behaviour and breeding information

(42) Humane Society of Santa Clara Valley
Believes in a future in which every individual experiences the unconditional love of an animal - a future in which all of our animals are wanted, honored and loved

(43) Medicine Hat SPCA
The Medicine Hat SPCA site contains: Tips on pet care, pictures or animals up for adoption, an links to other pet care sites

(44) Welland & District S.P.C.A.
Devoted to the care of wild and domestic animals and to the enforcement of Municipal, Provincial, and Federal laws designed to protect animals

(45) Winnipeg Humane Society
A non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to protecting and providing for our community's animals in need

(46) Bubbling Well Pet Memorial Park
Over 10,000 pets are at-rest in permanently zoned burial grounds where gardens are cared for year-round. The Park is open for visitation 365 days a year

(47) SwineOnline
Swineonline is a multi-user online game that enables visitors to raise and care for a pig. Prizes

(48) Aaaaaargh. The Ratz!
Rat care, info and news Gif's a growth table and a diary of my rats Book reviews and links

(49) Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Fancy Rats
Answers to more than 30 questions about having pet rats

(50) MN Rat Connection
The MN Rat Connection not only offers Rats for Sale but includes a list of Links to Important Rat-Related Sites

(51) The Pet Rodent Homepage
Information about species, care, book and equipment reviews, and many links

(52) The Rat and Mouse Club of America
Information about shows, care, rescue groups, vets, reta links and more

(53) Collie Rescue of Greater Illinois
A nonprofit organization established in 1995. We provide shelter and care to purebred collies which have been abandoned or turned in to shelters

(54) Horses Haven
A Non-Profit Corporation whose mission is to take in and provide humane care for aged, abused, unwanted and neglected horses whose owners can no longer keep or care for them

(55) Jazzpurr Cat Care Society
Operates a no-kill shelter for homeless cats and kittens for the Windsor/Essex County area

(56) Senior Dogs Project
Encourages and enables people to express their intuitive tendencies toward kindness and caring

(57) Sleddog Rescue
A Shelter for Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies in East Tennessee

(58) Tiger Haven
Tigers and other Great Cats are highly endangered in the wild because of habitat destruction and poaching. They are endangered here in America for the same reasons - just different methods

(59) Wildlife Care Center
Private, non-profit organization providing for the rescue, and rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned wildlife

(60) Parrot Parrot
Dedicated to the smaller parrots such as budgerigars and lovebirds, with information for all pet birds including toxin and dangerous toy alerts, recipes, breeding for beginners, and avian health



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