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(41) - The offical site for United States Pony Clubs
Provides a program for youth that teaches riding, mounted sports, care of horses and ponies

(42) The Draft Horse Journal
The World's Foremost Heavy Horse & Mule Publication

(43) The Equestrian Times
International Equestrian News Network

(44) The Horse Interactive: Your Online Guide to Equine Health Care
Information about feed, older horses, health care etc

(45) Thoroughbred Times On-Line
Features information about Thoroughbreds, stallion directory, buyer's guide etc

(46) Trail Rider
The Trail Rider's Trail Ride Information Source! Now With Over 800 Rides Listed. Including Trail Rides, Vacations On Horseback, etc

(47) UMC Horseman's Association
UMC Horseman's Association is for anyone interested in horses. We meet every other week during the quarter

(48) Webpony Horse Search Engine
Horse Search engine - a directory listing categories of horse topics for easy searching. Search for horse related web sites or add yours too

(49) Helen Woodward Animal Center
Provides educational and therapeutic programs for people, and humane care and adoption for animals

(50) Montreal SPCA
Devoted to preventing cruelty to, and furthering the well treatment of animals everywhere

(51) Horse Posters and Behavior
Pictures of the behavior and beauty of wild horses or mustangs

(52) Virtual Pet Cemetery
The world's best known and most cherished online burial ground

(53) Horses Haven
A Non-Profit Corporation whose mission is to take in and provide humane care for aged, abused, unwanted and neglected horses whose owners can no longer keep or care for them

(54) animalINK
Information, stories and activities for people concerned about animals, animal welfare and humane education

(55) Michigan State University Department of Animal Science
Provides leadership through a high quality educational program to enhance human capital, a research program to improve animal production efficiency and product quality, and an extension effort to transfer research findings and technologies

(56) Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine
Has the most sought-after veterinary education programs, with more than 7 applicants per position. A world leader in veterinary medical teaching, service, and scientific investigation

(57) University of Arizona's Race Track Industry Program (RRIP)
Offers students at a broad-based university education, with an emphasis on the pari-mutuel industry, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and to provide support for the pari-mutuel racing industry through a variety of outreach programs

(58) Electronic Zoo
An attempt to help people and their animals in the spirit of academic interest in telecommunications for the veterinary profession

(59) The Wilds
Thousands of acres divided into large sections where African, Asian, and North American species roam freely unencumbered by cages, pens or bars

(60) Irish Animals on the Web
A growing resource of all Irish animal welfare & rescue groups. includes all Irish SPCAs and dog pounds. includes pet care resources, plus links to other Irish animal sites



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