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(41) Thunderhawk Enterprises, Inc. - Big Cat Rescue
A non-profit volunteer organization founded by Ray Thunderhawk which is dedicated to the preservation of the 'great' cats

(42) Tiger Haven
Tigers and other Great Cats are highly endangered in the wild because of habitat destruction and poaching. They are endangered here in America for the same reasons - just different methods

(43) Wild About Cats
Dedicated to providing responsible homes for captive-bred wild felines, and promoting preservation of habitat for their wild-born cousins

(44) Wild Ones
A non-profit corporation founded by Shirley Malar. Exotic cats animal rescue

(45) Wildlife Care Center
Private, non-profit organization providing for the rescue, and rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned wildlife

(46) Keepers of the Forest
True life story of baby raccoons rescued and raised by a Florida couple

(47) All for Tigers
Dedicated to the 7,500 or less tigers of the world. Information, pictures, links, and more. Learn, enjoy, and save the tiger!

(48) TARA/ParrotCare
TARA is an organization that helps find new homes for parrots who are in need of them. Please visit our site for more information

(49) Fancy Cats Rescue Team
Rescuing stray and unwanted cats in the Northern Virginia area. All volunteer 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization.

(50) Feral Cat Coalition
Large amounts of information of critical interest to those dealing with, or interested in, feral cats

(51) Irish Animals on the Web
A growing resource of all Irish animal welfare & rescue groups. includes all Irish SPCAs and dog pounds. includes pet care resources, plus links to other Irish animal sites

(52) Cascade Ferret Network
A no-kill ferret shelter network serving the pacific northwest

(53) Ferret Association of Connecticut
The Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc. (FACT) is a non-profit, humane and educational 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in January, 1991 dedicated to helping ferret owners, caretakers, and most importantly, the ferrets themselves

(54) Totally Ferret
Welcome to Totally Ferret...The Leader in Ferret Nutrition

(55) Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The Ontario SPCA; a registered charity whose work includes: animal cruelty investigation, care, sheltering, fostering and wildlife programs for abused or injured animals

(56) The Marine Mammal Center
We recognize our interdependence with marine mammals and our responsibility to use our awareness, compassion and intelligence to ensure their survival and the conservation of their habitat

(57) House Rabbit Society Home Page and Rabbit Care Guide
House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues abandoned rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care

(58) Michigan Humane Society
The Michigan Humane Society is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to serving the animals since 1877. The MHS operates three animal shelters and full-service charitable animal hospitals in the metro...

(59) Whatcom County Humane Society
Founded in 1902, Whatcom Humane Society is Whatcom County's oldest nonprofit animal rescue and welfare agency. For nearly a century, its purpose has been to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect, and...

(60) Contra Costa Humane Society - Lafayette, CA
Contra Costa Humane Society is dedicated to promoting animal welfare. Our site also features dogs and cats for adoption



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