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Cetacea - the world's whales, dolphins and porpoises all on one site

(42) Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation: Whale Research Eco-volunteer Trips in British...
Be a biologist for a week! The Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to fund ecological research through eco-tourism. Research is presently focused on the...

(43) World Famous San Diego Zoo
The official web site of The San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species, which are all part of the Zoological...

(44) Welcome to the Adelaide Zoo
Adelaide Zoo was opened to the public on 23rd May 1883. It is the second oldest zoo in Australia (after Melbourne Zoo, 1862) and was established at a time of great...

(45) Umweltstiftung WWF-Deutschland
Jede Minute verschwindet Wald in der Größe von 35 Fußballfeldern von unserer Erde. Vernichtet durch vorsätzlich gelegte Brände und rücksichtslose Abholzung (German)

(46) WWF/Adena
WWF/Adena trabaja para conservar la diversidad biológica y frenar la contaminación, potenciando el amor y el respeto por los principales ecosistemas y especies del Mediterráneo y Latinoamérica: bosques, aguas dulces...

(47) WWF Österreich
Wir sind schwerpunktmäßig in drei Bereichen tätig. Im Bereich Wasser setzen wir uns für sauberes Trinkwasser und Lebende Flüsse ein. Wir arbeiten für einen Wald voll Leben, denn der Wald...

(48) WWF-Belgium

O WWF Brasil é uma organização não-governamental que integra uma das maiores redes mundiais de... - WWF is the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organization with a global...

(50) WWF Canada - Home
information on endangered species, habitat conservation, wildlife toxicology and rainforest preservation as well as membership information and teachers' and kids' sections

(51) WWF Verdensnaturfonden - Forside
Naturen er smuk og fascinerende. Den taler til stærke følelser, giver store oplevelser og er på alle måder med til at give livet kvalitet. Men naturen er også de ressourcer...

(52) WWF - Finland
Olet elänyt jo jokusen vuoden täällä maapallolla, haistellut happea ja nauttinut puhtaasta vedestä. Tervetuloa... - It began in 1961 when Sir Peter Scott, a British nature conservationist... (Finnish & English)

WWF's mission: To reverse the destruction of the earth's natural environment and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature (Greek)

(54) WWF-UK
Award-winning web site covering the environment, conservation, nature, climate change, endangered species, habitats, forests, rivers, oceans, animals and more. It also contains an active volunteer section, highly readable features on WWF's...

(55) WWF - US: World Wildlife Fund
World Wildlife Fund, known worldwide by its panda logo, leads international efforts to save life on earth. Between now and the year 2000, WWF, through the Living Planet Campaign, will...

(56) WWF - Världsnaturfonden
Från pol till pol, från atmosfärens högsta höjder till det djupaste hav, från minsta insekt till största blåval. Överallt arbetar Världsnaturfonden med att försöka hjälpa till att lösa de...

(57) WWF Malaysia HOME PAGE
WWF Malaysia believes that it is still possible to protect what is left of our natural environment and to ensure the wise use of our natural resources. Through scientific field...

(58) The Realistic Wildlife Art of Wes & Rachelle Siegrist
Paintings, miniatures and reproductions of songbirds, gamebirds, mammals and birds of prey. Special section on the Florida panther

(59) Animal Health Emerging Animal Diseases (AHEAD)
The Animal Health/Emerging Animal Diseases project of the Federation of American Scientists was formed in October 1995 to address infectious animal disease and zoonotic concerns. AHEAD is particularly concerned with...

(60) Pet Galaxy information and animal reference info
The website for pet and animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Featuring a giftshop, industry directory and theme park



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