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(61) Pacific Northwest Trackers Association
A non-profit organization in the State of Washington, however there are members from the other Pacific NW states as well

(62) Species Survival Commission (SSC)
Conserve biological diversity by developing and executing programs to study, save, restore, and manage wisely species and their habitats

(63) Shad Foundation
An international non-profit organization for the study, protection, and celebration of shad around the world

(64) SOS Rhino
As a branch of the non-profit Rhinoceros Reproduction Program, SOS Rhino is dedicated to the research, people, programs, and organizations involved with the preservation and conservation of the highly endangered rhinoceros species

(65) Tiger Foundation
Our mission is to make a significant contribution and commitment to working cooperatively in our shared passion to ensure that tigers and their habitats endure in Asia

(66) Tiger Missing Link Foundation
A non profit organization, dealing with tiger conservation. Saving tigers one by one

(67) Western Canadian Budgerigar Association (WCBA)
While traveling back to Vancouver on the BC Ferry after a Fall Show in Victoria, a group of budgerigar fanciers were once again lamenting the fact that it would be nice to have a speciality budgerigar association

(68) Wildlife Trust
Speaking out for nature in Britain since 1912

(69) World Animal Net
A worldwide network of societies campaigning to improve the status and welfare of animals

(70) World Association of Veterinary Anatomists WAVA

(71) World Wildlife Foundation WWF Global Network
The world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organization. Dedicated to reversing the destruction of the Earth's natural environment

(72) Zoocheck Canada Inc.
A national animal protection charity established to protect wildlife in captivity and in the wild

(73) Livestock Guardian Dogs
Livestock guardian dog breeds have been used for centuries to protect livestock from predators in Europe and Asia

(74) Alf Erickson's Elephant Polo Page
Every year in December I travel with my Screwy Tuskers team to the annual tournament of the World Elephant Polo Association

(75) HorseWeb
Contains Web Pages of horses, horse products and services. HorseWeb Search will help you look for a specific HorseWeb Site or entry

(76) UMC Horseman's Association
UMC Horseman's Association is for anyone interested in horses. We meet every other week during the quarter

(77) Monroe County Humane Association
Prevent cruelty to animals and to promote respect for animals and their environments

(78) Pig Genome Mapping - Roselin Institute (Edinburgh)
Genome database of the pig The EC Pig Gene Mapping Project PiGMAP Linkage Consortium

(79) The First Complete Online Hog Producers / Breeders Directory
Listing of hog producers, show pig breeders, hog semen suppliers, hog equipment, hog feed dealers, swine shows and sales, swine Associations and Registry, and more...

(80) Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources
This is a collection of animal rescue organizations, facilities and lists that have a Web presence. It is continuously changing and is actively maintained



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