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(61) PetsForum Group Web Service Center
PetsForum Group Web Service Center - world's largest electronic information service for pets and animals

(62) Animal Immortality Book, Vet News, Pet Care and Animal Stories
Scripture says that all animals, cats, dogs, horses and birds, will be in heaven. Will I see Fido in Heaven is a book examining Scripture from The Bible about these...

(63) American Association of Equine Practitioners
To improve the health and welfare of the horse, to further the professional development of its members, and to provide resources and leadership for the benefit of the equine industry

(64) British Equine Veterinary Association
BEVA hope that you will find its contents informative and useful. We plan to include more information at regular intervals

(65) CAL Homepage
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Computer-Aided Learning Project

(66) A menu for equine veterinary information network of horse veterinary...
Equine Veterinary Information Network, veterinary publications, sports medicine, meetings, imaging techniques, horse nutrition, feeding, horseshoeing, equine reproduction, supplies & equipment, equine research, horse diseases

(67) Pet Galaxy information and animal reference info
The website for pet and animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Featuring a giftshop, industry directory and theme park

(68) Pet Net - The Internet Information Source for Dogs, Cats...
Pet Net is a fun and easy to use world-wide directory of animal and pet related information. We offer a host of entertainment for the entire family. Whether you're looking...

(69) Pet Hair Fantastic
Removes pet hair from carpets, upholstery, car interiors and clothing in one quick sweep. Turn any vacuum into a specially engineered hair removal device in a flash. Groom your family...

(70) quality llama products
free catalog halters grooming supplies driving harness packs medical supplies books videos gifts in business since 1979 using what we sell

Multi-award winning comprehensive pet magazine and encyclopedia. Over 5,000 pages of information. Care, breed profiles, training, health, message boards, PetsMarket, videos and much more. Features, columns and Q&As by experts

(72) King Feeds
This site answers frequently asked questions about feeds and nutrition for livestock and pets and has a listing of dealers where King feeds are available throughout California

(73) The Bay Area Equestrian Network
Regional directory for horse enthusiasts in the San Francisco Bay area and northern California. Free business listings; classified ads; event calendar; community bulletin board; web site services; internet marketing

(74) American Pet Diner - Quality Feed For Your Pet
An established reputation for quality this hay is known in the United States and worldwide in the small pet; race and pleasure horse; beef and dairy cow industries. Ship anywhere

(75) Circle LJ Appaloosa's
A small arizona ranch that breeds appaloosa horses from championship thorough-bred and appaloosa lines

(76) Kentucky Equine Research, Inc.
Kentucky Equine Research takes a multifaceted approach towards bridging the gap that often exists between basic research and horse production. By combining scientific research with hands-on experience in horse production...

(77) Cybersteed Inc. Home Page
Your Complete Equine Internet Site And Home of the World Equine Health Network

(78) John Mallon - Gentling & Training Llamas
John Mallon Clinics help llama and horse owners understand and work with their animals easily and safely

(79) EquiResource
Your Source for Really Useful Equestrian Information

(80) Classical
Everything on classical dressage. Contains extensive photos and quotes of the great masters of classical dressage, a question and answer forum, a discussion group, and more



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