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(61) Dog & Kennel Magazine
The magazine of the best about dogs. Articles about dog breeds, breeders, collectibles, dogs at work, health care issues, environmental issues, training, grooming, new products, books and videos, and puppies

(62) Dog Owner's Guide
The online newspaper for pet and show dog owners Information about dogs and how to live with them

(63) Dog Ownership, Irish Wolfhounds, And Responsiblity
Responsible Dog Ownership with Links to Caring Places, Purebreds and Mutts, and our Irish Wolfhounds

(64) DOG-PLAY - Fun with Your Dog
Here is an introduction to some great things people to do with their dogs. Most activities welcome all dogs, whether purebred or of mixed breed heritage

(65) Bdewman's Gerbil Page
A Gerbil Care Page with lots of information and links, stories, free advertisement posting, and much more

(66) Pet Memorial Cards
2" x 4" laminated pet memorial cards to send out to friends, family notifying the loss of a pet. Cards to give out at Police K9 funerals, SAR funerals, to...

(67) The alt.pets.hamsters FAQ
The original Hamster FAQ. Full of answers to your questions, hamster trivia, and links to other great hamster sites

(68) Complete Hamster Site
The ultimate hamster site on the web. The Complete Hamster Site covers all aspects of hamster keeping and care as well as species, breeding hamsters, hamster genetics and Hamster Clubs

(69) Hamster Fanciers of America
Welcome to the Hamster Fanciers of America page. Please check back occasionally to see if we've added new info. Coming soon will be our Gallery of Colors and several links pages

(70) The Hamster Club of America (HCA)
Hamster chat, breeder listing, products supplies, types and colors, lins etc

(71) Syrian or Golden Hamsters
Hamsters are the most common rodent kept as pets. When speaking of hamsters, people are almost exclusively referring to the Syrian or Golden Hamster, although there are...

(72) Useless Hamster-related Resources
Pages from all over the world, jammed full of rather useless (but quite fun) hamster information, such as photographs of someone's hamster

(73) Your Hamster's Health
Your hamster's health is very important. Although they usually can take care of themselves, you play an important role in it's life

(74) The Ragdoll Cat Homepage
A complete guide to the Ragdoll cat breed

(75) The Equestrian Times
International Equestrian News Network

(76) Atlanta Humane Society Menu of Services
We strive to prevent neglect, abuse, cruelty and exploitation of animals

(77) Cambridge and Disctrict Humane Society
Web site features online adoption, sponsorship, lost and found, adopted pets, links, education and volunteer information. Make donations on line

(78) Champaign County Humane Society
Home Page of the Champaign County Humane Society, Urbana Illinois

(79) Cherryland Humane Society, Traverse City Michigan
Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City, Michigan

(80) Connecticut Humane Society
We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves



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