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(81) Paws For Life, Inc.
Paws for Life does not ask for any money when it places its dogs, donations are very welcome. Non-Profit. If you would like to adopt a dog, or make a contribution, call Ginny at (302)376-PAWS

(82) PIGS - a Sancturay
An accredited sanctuary by The Association of Sanctuaries, Inc. (TAOS)

(83) Save Our Small DOGS
SOS DOGS is an individually run rehoming service located in Southern New Jersey, approximately twenty (20) minutes from Philadelphia

(84) Sleddog Rescue
A Shelter for Alaskan Malamutes & Siberian Huskies in East Tennessee

(85) Tiger Haven
Tigers and other Great Cats are highly endangered in the wild because of habitat destruction and poaching. They are endangered here in America for the same reasons - just different methods

(86) Keepers of the Forest
True life story of baby raccoons rescued and raised by a Florida couple

(87) Trials Unlimited
Web page for retriever field trials and retriever hunt tests

(88) Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
Involved in veterinary medicine since 1892 and today has more than 360 students enrolled in the professional DVM program and another 60 or so enrolled in other master's and doctoral programs

(89) College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University
Dedicated to the advancement of animal and human health

(90) College of Veterinary Medicine - Iowa State University

(91) College of Veterinary Medicine - Kansas State University
Provides quality programs in veterinary medical education and the highest quality animal health care. As well, it conducts research that advances veterinary medical knowledge

(92) College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois
Their mission is to educate veterinary & graduate students, veterinarians; to discover, apply, disseminate comparative biomedical knowledge & technology; to service the veterinary medical profession & public

(93) College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Missouri Columbia
A new state-of-the-art teaching and medical service facility

(94) College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM), Washington State University
A multi-million dollar state-of-the-art complex serving the entire Pacific Northwest

(95) Iowa State University - Departement of Entomology
Insect-related information and resources on the Internet

(96) Lepidoptera Collection - Furman University
Images of The Furman University Collection of North American Lepidoptera

(97) Michigan State University Department of Animal Science
Provides leadership through a high quality educational program to enhance human capital, a research program to improve animal production efficiency and product quality, and an extension effort to transfer research findings and technologies

(98) Ontario Veterinary College (OVC)
The oldest veterinary college in the Americas in terms of continuous operation

(99) Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine
Has the most sought-after veterinary education programs, with more than 7 applicants per position. A world leader in veterinary medical teaching, service, and scientific investigation

(100) UF College of Veterinary Medicine
Part of both the UF Health Science Center, which encompasses six colleges, and the university's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences



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