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(81) Mystic Aquarium / Institute for Exploration
Explore our Ocean Planet when you visit Mystic Aqaurium and the Institute for Exploration

(82) Welcome to the Toronto Virtual Zoo!
Ontario Canada

(83) Michigan Humane Society
The Michigan Humane Society is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to serving the animals since 1877. The MHS operates three animal shelters and full-service charitable animal hospitals in the metro...

(84) World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong (WWF HK)
World Wide Fund For Nature Hong Kong (WWF HK) works to ensure a better environment for present and future generations in Hong Kong. We implement a wide range of focused...

(85) Sinapu • Southern Rockies Wolf Web • wolf • wolves...
This website aims to educate citizens about wolf restoration and habitat protection issues in the Southern Rockies

(86) Wild Dog Foundation - Preserving Our World's Wild Canines
The Wild Dog Foundation, a project of The World Carnivore Society, is dedicated to help promote wolf restoration, support captive breeding of highly endangered canines such as African Wild Dog...

(87) Animal Health Emerging Animal Diseases (AHEAD)
The Animal Health/Emerging Animal Diseases project of the Federation of American Scientists was formed in October 1995 to address infectious animal disease and zoonotic concerns. AHEAD is particularly concerned with...

(88) BioMedtrix: Developer and Manufacturer of Veterinary Implants
BioMedtrix develops and manufactures implants and instruments to address Canine Hip Dysplasia

(89) Welcome to the RCVS website - Homepage
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is the regulatory body for the veterinary profession in the United Kingdom. The RCVS is responsible for professional conduct, registration, free movement, education...

(90) Feline Hip Dysplasia Awareness Web Site (FDHA)
This site attempts to provide accurate and current data in the field of feline hip dysplasia and offers an opportunity for feline breeders, fanciers, veterinarians and other interested parties to...

(91) International Federation of Teratology Societies (IFTS Atlas)
The purpose of this atlas is to provide students and researchers of birth defects in academia, industry, and government with a set of images of both rare and common observations...

(92) International Lama Registry
The ILR is the largest accurate compilation of lama genealogical in the world. Not-for-profit corporation to maintain official registry of llama, guanaco, vicuna, and cross breeds

(93) The Alpaca Registry, Inc.
The ARI is an registry of accurate genealogical alpaca information. The ARI is not-for-profit corporation to maintain official registry huacaya and suri alpacas

(94) Stuffed Animal World
The Internet's most complete selection of Stuffed Animals. We have everything from the most whimsical to the most realistic plush stuffed animals -- perfect for displays, educational demonstrations, private collections...

(95) Sterling Animal Shelter
The Sterling Animal Shelter is a private no-kill shelter located in northern central Massachusetts

(96) Ardeng Rabbit Meat
Blue Chip Farms, Inc. does not show rabbits, sell pets or laboratory animals and does not have breeding stock to sell. We are focused on raising high quality meat rabbits

(97) Willkommen in Yorkies Homepage
Yorkies Homepage für alle Hundefreunde - Yorkies Homepage for all animal friends (in German)

(98) VDH - wenn's um den Hund... - When it's about dogs
willkommen auf den Internet-Seiten des Verbands für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH). Hier gibt es... - welcome to the federation for German dog nature... (German)

(99) Llamapaedia
Llamapaedia is for everyone with an interest in Llamas. Written by veterinarians, it is intended to be an accurate source of information on husbandry, breeding, care and resources for further...

(100) Telemedicine by Veterinary Specialist Network
VSN brings world renowned veterinary specialists together with private practitioners in a collaborative effort to enhance veterinary medical diagnosis. Using this State-of-the-Art communication technology veterinarians are able to send and...



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