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(81) All Pets Dental Clinic
Information from Dr. Jan Bellows, DVM, about dental treatment for your pet - Weston, Florida

(82) The Pet Center: Veterinary Health Care for Dogs and Cats
The Internet Animal Hospital: Pet health care topics

(83) Drs. Foster & Smith, Pet Products & Pet Supplies
Thousands of pet products selected by our veterinarians for dogs and cats, plus hundreds of informative pet care articles, training tips, and more. Order Online or request our free catalog

(84) Department of Veterinary Science - The Queen's University of Belfast
This presentation has been compiled from the Veterinary Sciences Division's extensive collection of electron micrographs, accumulated over many years of research and diagnostic investigation. This entry will be continually updated

(85) Welcome to - The White Cross Veterinary Group
Our practice has been caring for the pets of Wharfedale and Airedale for sixty years, having started in Menston in 1937. By continuing to offer the highest standards of pet...

(86) Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover - School of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo)
Foreigners who passed a post-graduate or graduate examination abroad are required to study veterinary medicine in... Zum Studium der Tiermedizin berechtigt die allgemeine Hochschulreife oder ein als gleichwertig anerkanntes Zeugnis...

(87) Kentucky Equine Research, Inc.
Kentucky Equine Research takes a multifaceted approach towards bridging the gap that often exists between basic research and horse production. By combining scientific research with hands-on experience in horse production...

(88) Cybersteed Inc. Home Page
Your Complete Equine Internet Site And Home of the World Equine Health Network

(89) Veterinary Heart Institute
The Veterinary Heart Institute is a cardiology referral ceter and provides nationwide consulting services for veterinarians. The VHI committed to clinical and basic cardiologic research, continuing education and the advancement...

(90) Department of Large Animal Medicine - College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia, Athens

(91) Llamapaedia
Llamapaedia is for everyone with an interest in Llamas. Written by veterinarians, it is intended to be an accurate source of information on husbandry, breeding, care and resources for further...

(92) Seven Hills Pet Clinic
The Staff of the Seven Hills Pet Clinic has been providing preventive health services, spay and neuter services, as well as quality diagnostic, medical and surgical services to Clermont County...

(93) tkReptiles
Searchable Reptile Index to look for all your reptile needs. Look for breeders, free chat, supplies, reptile sites, care sheets, free e-mail, iguana stuff and more

(94) Ocean Beach Veterinary Hospital
Watch the slide shows. Tour the hospital. Watch a spay, a neuter, and a dental cleaning. Don't miss the High-Tech diagnostic tools page. Go see the ultrasound, x-ray, pulse oximeter...

(95) Telemedicine by Veterinary Specialist Network
VSN brings world renowned veterinary specialists together with private practitioners in a collaborative effort to enhance veterinary medical diagnosis. Using this State-of-the-Art communication technology veterinarians are able to send and...

(96) Feline Hyperthyroid - Radiocat
A veterinary practice dedicated exclusively to the care and treatment of feline hyperthyroidism

(97) Golden Endings
An organization of people that have dedicated themselves to the welfare of homeless Golden Retrievers. Goldens enter the rescue program for a variety of reasons, they come from dog shelters...

(98) Sugar Glider Network at
The best place to find everything you need to know about sugar gliders. Links to all the sugar glider web sites, featured articles, message board, and mailing list

(99) VetSc@pe - Veterinary Internet Resource Network
VetScape is one of the oldest and largest veterinary Internet resources in the world. The site was established in 1994, its purpose to provide a fast and easy to use...

(100) Veterinet
La plus grande collection de sites animaux français de Web - The biggest collection of french animal web sites



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