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(101) Whistling Bird Training Tapes
3 fun training tapes for exotic birds. From parakeets to macaws. Vol. 1 Showtunes Vol.2 Christmas Vol. 3 Country. Fun songs on each tape to teach whistling in an entertaining...

(102) International Carduelan Society
Aviary bred Songbirds which belong to the members of Carduelan Society. Their diet, breeding and feeding is also published in Discussion Page

(103) Peaceable PetsT
Calm your pet safely with drug-free Peaceable petsT, the astonishing one of a kind, effective pet calming audio tape that mellows and reassures pets when they're scared, lonely, stressed or...

(104) Animal Portraits by S.A. Challand Studio
Custom pet portraits and animal art done in quality artists pastel from your photographs. dogs cats birds wildlife. Satisfaction guaranteed

(105) Los Periquitos
Pagina con TODO acerca de los periquitos - Web site about budgies (Spanish)

(106) World Pet
live fish & pet supplies for birds, cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, saltwater fish and small animals. Major name brands at discount pricing

(107) Eclectus *Land of Vos*
Largest Eclectus web site on the Internet. Features beautiful photos, recipes, articles, stories, FAQs, medical information, natural healing, and herbal remedies. Helpful information for alll parrot species

(108) Zoo in the Wild
A "virtual zoo" - images, sounds and information that opens the fascinating world of nature to the whole family. Images depict wild animals in their natural environment (Italian & English)

(109) Komodo National Park
Concise summary about Komodo National Park and the Komodo Dragon: description of the park facilities, natural history of the park, and description of the Komodo Dragon

(110) San Antonio Zoo
With over 3,500 animals representing 750 species, The San Antonio Zoo maintains one of the largest animal collections in the United States

(111) Penguins in New Zealand
Information on the penguin species in New Zealand, their status and conservation. Also games, books, graphics and more

(112) International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
Wildlife education, training and support for wildlife rehabilitators, liaison with wildlife professionals, organizations and agencies

(113) Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation
Providing quality care to injured hawks, owls, eagles and falcons in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio

(114) World wide importers/exporters of tropical birds and reptiles
Koala imports/exports of live birds, small animals, and reptiles. From our premises in spain we serve wholesale dealers and individuals all over the world. Our stock is under strict control.

(115) Pets, Animal News, Health Care and More!
Provides free listings for shelters, breeders and individuals to post adoptable pets, search for pets, sell a pet or locate pets for sale. Includes adoption information, animal news and health care.

(116) The Owl Pages - Information about Owls
Detailed descriptions of Owl Species, including photos and sounds. Also Owl Artwork, books, mythology, collectables and more.

(117) Vale Wildlife Rescue
A registered charity dedicated to the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of sick, injured or orphaned British wildlife, located in Beckford, between Tewkesbury and Evesham, England.



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