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AnimalSearch is a searchable database designed to give the user access to family safe, animal related sites.

While we do not evaluate pages for quality, each site is reviewed, prior to inclusion, for content relevancy and safety. If you come across a site that is not family safe or features links to non-family safe content, or is no longer available (404) please report it to us using the form at the bottom of each search result page.

How to Search:

There are two ways to navigate this site. The first is using the search window. The second is by clicking down through the categories. If, once in a category, you use the search window, it will search all categories (as if you had searched from the main page). It will not search only the category into which you had clicked. The category click downs are merely suggestions and do not necessarily represent the entire selection of available web sites in this database.

Using the Search Window:

To conduct a search, enter your search criteria (up to three [3] words) in the KEYWORDS window. AnimalSearch will, at this time, ignore any terms after the first three words of the search criteria you enter. Select, from the drop-down MATCH window, either "All of These Words" if the information you are seeking should contain a phrase or all elements entered, or "Any of These Words" if you wish results related to any one of the keywords you have entered. Then press the <Search> button or the <Enter> key on your keyboard.

Do's and Don't's:

Do use only words with more than 2 characters
Do not use "and" & "the" as keywords
Do not use operators (e.g. "+", "-") in the keyword box
Do not use word "animal" or "animals" as keywords
Do not include commas (",") in or with your keywords

Use Keywords in Singular Form:

If, for example, you use the keyword 'cats' instead of 'cat', only web sites that have the word 'cats' in their description or keywords will come up and the web sites with the word 'cat' will be ignored. If you use the word 'cat' all web sites with the words 'cats' and 'cat' will be in the results listing.

In some cases (eg. when the plural of a word changes that word) you can try a search for both, the plural and the singular or partial words. For example, if you are searching for universities, you will get the most results if you use the word 'universit' as the keyword.

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