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(1) Notley Road Kennels
Quality German Shepherds for Schutzhund, companionship, and protection

(2) German Shepherd Kennel vom Mattenburcherland
Gefokt volgens SV standaart voor tentoonstelling, werk en huis - Bred to the SV standard for show, work and home

(3) Zuchtstätte für Deutsche Schäferhunde - Von Arlett German Shepherds
von Arlett's website. German Shepherd dogs. Kennel story, photo's and lots of information

(4) Ipahof shepherds
Pictures and info about our German shepherds from pure bred German bloodlines. Members of the German SV the Dutch VDH the Belgian VVDH and Schutzhund USA in the Netherlands

(5) The site of the German Shepherds Dog Club of Israel

(6) Verein fuer Deutsche Schaeferhunde - The German Shepherd Club
Gründerverein der Rasse für Deutsche Schäferhunde, weltweit der größte Rassezuchtverein mit über 100'000 Mitgliedern - With 100,000 members, the largest German Shepherd breeding club anywhere (In German)

(7) Reivision
Videos ueber den Deutschen Schaeferhund - Videos about german shepherd dogs (In German and English)

(8) Zwinger vom kirschental - The Kirschental Kennels
Unsere Hunde arbeiten noch ihrem Namen entsprechend bei den Schafen. Besuchen Sie sie - Our dogs are real shepherds. They herd sheep. Visit them at work (In German & English)

(9) Othello German Shepherds
We believe that the german shepherds dog should be healthy in mind and body. Puppies to approved homes only

(10) Duitse Herder Kennel Lasanna Balo - GSD Kennel
German shepherd breeders from the Netherlands breed only German bloodlines. Members of the German SV breeding show dogs that work and working dogs that show (Dutch & English)

(11) Baden K-9
Trainer and breeders of German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dobermans. Working dogs for Personal/Home Protection/Guard and for Military, Federal, State, Commercial or Search and Rescue use

(12) Notley Road Kennels
Quality German Shepherds of German lineage with strong Schutzhund background and great temperaments.


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