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(1) Animal Health Institute (AHI)
Representing companies that make medicines for pet and farm animals

(2) National Institute of Animal Health (Japan)(NIAH)
Research and development on methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a number of animal diseases which are limiting factor to the supply of safe, cheap and high quality products

(3) Agriculture and Livestock Horses, Cattle, Exotic Animal Classifieds
Animals for sale Looking for Arabian horses for sale or Highland cattle or Exotic animals of any kind How about Soay sheep or that young rope horse you've been dreaming of

(4) Coolhog® - Swine Cooling System
An Evaporative Cooling System for Swine

(5) ITSI - Insemination Technics & Supplies International Inc
promotes the use of Artificial Insemination (A.I.) in the swine industry through on-farm and commercial programs

(6) Place - Pet Holistic & Nutrition Info
Pet Holistic & Nutrition Info - This is Trina Nowak's Site! She's a Pet Nutritionist- B.Sc. Agriculture, DVetHom - Canada. She also has the Pets 4 Life Site - so if you like one - be sure to visit the other

(7) United States Department of Agriculture
Enhance the quality of life for the American people by supporting production of agriculture

(8) Pig Genome Mapping - Roselin Institute (Edinburgh)
Genome database of the pig The EC Pig Gene Mapping Project PiGMAP Linkage Consortium

(9) Iowa State University - Departement of Entomology
Insect-related information and resources on the Internet

(10) University of Guelph & Athabasca University's MBA in Agriculture
The only electronically delivered agribusiness MBA anywhere. Introducing an MBA like no other in the world... Our MBA program combines the agri-food expertise of...

(11) JaxLostPets - The North Florida Missing Pet Network
The North Florida Site of the US Dept of Agriculture's Missing Pet Network. A private free website focused on reuniting The Lost and Found Pets of North Florida and their families

(12) Animal Legal Defense Fund
Founded in 1981, ALDF is the country's leading animal rights law organization working nationally to defend animals from abuse and exploitation. ALDF's network of over 700 attorneys is dedicated to....

(13) Vanecek Bunny Farm
These pages are for the use of our loyal customers and fans

(14) National Bison Association
The National Bison Association provides educational services and promotion of bison and bison meat. There are over 3,000 bison producers in all 50 states and 20 countries - raising over...

(15) APHIN Information Services
APHIN provides information services to producers, processors, practitioners & organizations involved in the agriculture & aquaculture industries

(16) Ardeng Rabbit Meat
Blue Chip Farms, Inc. does not show rabbits, sell pets or laboratory animals and does not have breeding stock to sell. We are focused on raising high quality meat rabbits

(17) Metzer Farms Duck and Goose Hatchery
Providing live ducks and geese and egg products


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