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(1) HerpSupplies
Bringing you the best in Reptile and Amphibian Husbandry Supplies and Accessories

(2) Electronic Zoo
An attempt to help people and their animals in the spirit of academic interest in telecommunications for the veterinary profession

(3) Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon Page
Care of the Chinese water dragon including information on diet, enclosures, behaviour, taming and breeding. Over 100 commonly kept reptiles and amphibians also discussed on this site

(4) Welcome to the Toronto Virtual Zoo!
Ontario Canada

(5) tkReptiles
Searchable Reptile Index to look for all your reptile needs. Look for breeders, free chat, supplies, reptile sites, care sheets, free e-mail, iguana stuff and more

(6) Zoo in the Wild
A "virtual zoo" - images, sounds and information that opens the fascinating world of nature to the whole family. Images depict wild animals in their natural environment (Italian & English)

(7) San Antonio Zoo
With over 3,500 animals representing 750 species, The San Antonio Zoo maintains one of the largest animal collections in the United States

(8) International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council
Wildlife education, training and support for wildlife rehabilitators, liaison with wildlife professionals, organizations and agencies


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