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(1) Catfish Institute
The U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish Official Resource Center. Step into our kitchen for the best catfish recipes around and get the facts about U.S. farm-raised catfish

(2) Fishlink for Fish Farming, Aquaculture and Fisheries
Fishlink is an independent organisation which was founded in 1996. Provides a Focused Internet Site for Fish and Shellfish

(3) National Fisheries Institute - Your Source of Fish and Seafood Information
The source of fish and seafood information on the internet - a non-profit trade association

(4) National Shellfisheries Association
An international organization of scientists, management officials and members of industry, all deeply concerned with the biology, ecology, production, economics and management of shellfish resources

(5) Commercial Fish and Shellfish Technologies
Multi-disciplinary faculty experienced in HACCP, aquaculture, fish health, agricultural economics, food safety, waste management, business administration and more with fish and shellfish industries

(6) North Altlantic Fisheries College (NAFC)"
An industry managed institute dedicated to supporting the fisheries industry (fish catching, aquaculture and processing) through training, and research and development

(7) APHIN Information Services
APHIN provides information services to producers, processors, practitioners & organizations involved in the agriculture & aquaculture industries


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