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(1) American Zoo and Aquarium Association
Founded in 1924 as the American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums to support membership excellence in conservation, education, science, and recreation

(2) Animal Alliance of Canada
An animal rights advocacy and education group which focuses on local, regional, national and international issues concerning the goodwill and respectful treatment of animals by humans

(3) Good Bears of the World
a non profit organization which provides teddy bears to children of all ages, where love, solace, and comfort can make a difference

(4) International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA)
A non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the conservation of all species of bears

(5) ADF&G's Wildlife Notebook Series - Polar Bear
Information about Polar Bears - description, life history, distribution, migration, foods and human uses

(6) Appalachian Bear Center (ABC)
ABS is a bear rehabilitation, research and education facility located just outside the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

(7) Honey Bears World
And who's been looking at my website . . . said Daddy Bear in his gruff growly voice

(8) Meet Dr. Lynn Rogers
Dr. Lynn Rogers has been walking in the forests for over thirty years doing wildlife research - He is best known for his work with black bears in the Ely area

(9) Polar Bears by Jon
One day in the northern Arctic, 8 year-old polar bear, PJ, was out catching pink salmon for lunch

(10) SFC - Polar Bear
Information about polar bears - environment, appearance, food and life cycle

(11) Bear Creek Kennels
We pride ourselves with our quality care and cleanliness. A homeaway from home for your pet dog

(12) Australian Koala Foundation
The site for koala lovers. everything you wanted to know about koalas is here, including the Koala Shop

(13) Welcome to Reptile Depot
Quality reptiles and supplies

(14) California Department of Fish and Game DFG
DFG operates the CalTIP (Californians Turn In Poachers and Polluters) program which is a confidential secret witness program to encourage the public...

(15) Artist at Watson's Wildlife Art Gallery
Limited edition prints of wildlife art. Many wildlife artist

(16) Cyber Zoomobile
Virtual access to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Enter an interactive realm where you are able to bring many of the world's most exotic species into your home for study and research, or simply your viewing pleasure

(17) Little Rock Zoo
Began modestly, in 1926, with just two animals - an abandoned timber wolf and a circus-trained brown bear. Today, the zoo has grown to include almost 600 animals representing 170 species

(18) Oakland Zoo
Has over 300 animals from 50 different species living in lush, naturalistic settings Our collection is organized in biomes, geographic regions that represent the ecosystem of that area

(19) Sequoia Park Zoo
Committed to providing a high quality facility that offers care for a variety of animals and an opportunity to appreciate the value and diversity of our planet's life forms

(20) World Famous San Diego Zoo
The official web site of The San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species, which are all part of the Zoological...



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