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(1) Monarch Watch
Further science education, particularly in primary and secondary school systems, promote conservation of Monarch butterflies, and involve thousands of students and adults in a cooperative study of the Monarchs' fall migration

Home of butterflies, moths, beetles, scorpions, walking sticks, ants, flies and lots of other beautiful, but sometimes pesky, little critters

(3) Butterflies Home
Family-run business specializes in raising beautiful healthy butterflies for release at your special event

(4) The Butterfly Web Site
Buy butterfly products - learn about butterflies and find great butterfly links

(5) London Butterfly House
Offers the visitor the unique opportunity to walk amongst hundreds of free-flying tropical butterflies in a suitably warmed glasshouse environment

(6) Spirogyra Butterfly Garden
The project heart is the production of butterflies in captivity. It's objectives are: To become a new source of income for the families of the women involved...

(7) The Butterfly Conservancy
We participate in tag-and-release Monarch migratory research, butterfly population and host plant monitoring programs, land conservation and preservation efforts as well as...

(8) The Butterfly Farmer
Learn about butterflies and butterfly farming in Costa Rica

(9) Butterfly Gardeners' Quarterly
Contains articles about butterfly species, plants and gardening styles, experts' butterfly gardens, information on organizations, publications and events

(10) Butterflies on the Web
This link page is dedicated to the earth's most beautiful creatures

(11) The Butterfly WebSite
Welcome to The Butterfly WebSite - the most complete information on butterfly gardening, farming, ecology and education

(12) Captain's European Butterfly Guide
A selection of photographs and other information about some of the butterflies of Europe including Tenerife, Morocco, Pyrenees, Brittany, Turkey, Analucia and the UK

(13) Chuck's Hobby Page
Photos of galaxies, nebulas and tips on various aspects of the hobby Butterflies

(14) Fjarilshuset pa Haga
The Butterfly House has more than 850 sq.m. and is filled with hundreds of live, free flying, tropical butterflies

(15) Hetero World Home Page
Japanese Moth's Home Page

(16) Museo de Mariposas del Mundo - Unico en Sudamerica
The Museo Mariposas del Mundo features links to other entimological sites in Spanish and English. Also available is membership information

(17) Papiliorama Nocturama - Tropical Gardens
Learn about tropical fauna - daytime and nocturnal

(18) Schmetterlinghaus
Austria's prime location to view butterflies, this garden features a greenhouse, a gift shops, info packs for students and a very fine coffee bar

(19) Children's Butterfly Site
A place specifically designed for kids to learn about butterflies and moths

(20) Iowa State University - Departement of Entomology
Insect-related information and resources on the Internet



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