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(1) American Association of Zoo Keepers
A non-profit volunteer organization made up of professional zoo keepers and other interested persons dedicated to professional animal care and conservation

(2) American Pet Association
An independent, national humane organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership through action, services and education

(3) American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
A not-for-profit organization, founded in 1866. Works to alleviate pain, fear and suffering in animals through means such as humane law enforcement, legislative advocacy, education and hands-on animal care

(4) Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC)
This association addresses interests of producers & consumers of food and fiber, interests of animal owners and pet owners. Their goal is to improve the quality of human and animal life

(5) Elephant Mangers Association (EMA)
A non-profit organization devoted to the transfer of knowledge on veterinary care, training, treatment, behavioral studies, breeding, and habitat enrichment for elephants worldwide

(6) An Amateur's Guide To The General Care Of Parrots
Welcome to the world of parrot keeping. Presumably you have just accquired, or intend to accquire, a parrot, and...

(7) Bird On
The Internet wild bird pages are published by Jacobi Jayne and Company

(8) C.C.'s Comfort Care Palm Beach Pet Sitters
Professional pet sitting and pet product service in Palm Beach, Florida. Member of NAPPS. Licensed, bonded and insured

(9) The Large Macaws, Their Care, Breeding & Conservation
The Internet's most complete source for Pet Bird care and information

(10) Books Equine - The Horse Bookstore
Horse bookstore with listing of categories to help you fing the the horse book you need. Listing all breeds, horse care info, racing, and more. Add your category too

(11) Bear Creek Kennels
We pride ourselves with our quality care and cleanliness. A homeaway from home for your pet dog

(12) Exclusively Equine Online
Useful horse-oriented merchandise, offered at discount prices and backed by fast, convenient service

(13) Feathered Kids 'n Stuff
animals Birds business cage accessories toy supplies nutrition supplements perches swings feed breeding health care air purifiers

(14) HotSpot for Birds
An award-winning, family-friendly avian mall and a reference center Our mall carries products for the care and enjoyment of birds Our reference center contains many informative articles intended to help keep your bird safe & healthy

(15) Lifelearn Inc
A world leader in the development of multimedia veterinary education and information products

(16) Nutra Cell Labs Pet Nutrition Center
100% all natural nutrients for cat (feline), dog (canine), equine (horses) it includes all necessary vitamins for pet care, pet health and good nutrition naturally

(17) Potbelly Pigs Online Potbellied Pigs Breeders Pet Pigs Pot Belly Resouces
Potbellied pig breeders and consultants. Produce an exceptional line, Starlite Show Pigs. Inforamtion about the proper care and training of the pet pig

(18) Revival Animal Health 1998 On-Line Small Animal Catalog
Specializes in pet, horse, and small animal supplies

(19) The Waltham World of Pet Care
Packed with information for your dog, cat, fish or birds

(20) Virtual Vet Home Page
Virtual Vet's Fine Line Of Pet Care Products



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