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(1) Canadian Cat Association/l'Association Féline Canadienne
Provides the Canadian cat fancy with an association that is governed by its members and dedicated to the well being of all cats

(2) Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)
Charity which promotes the health & welfare of cats by making the latest information available to vets, cat breeders and owners

(3) Ambar Cattery
Ambar Turkish Angora & Maine Coon Cats: pictures, pedigrees, and musings on our vibrant, healthy, goofy, loving, charming cats (raised under-foot, on-bed, and atop-monitor) and the life we share

(4) Purr-fect Privy Litter Containment System
A System that eliminates tracking

(5) Tailsend Cattery
Web site provides information about pedigreed cats, cat shows and cat clubs

(6) Cat Fanciers Web Site
Web site provides articles and links on cat breeds, cat shows, cat care, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine - Also includes a directory of over 800 cat breeders

(7) Cats in Canada
Web site is dedicated to the promotion of Canadian cats

(8) Feline Hip Dysplasia Awareness Web Site (FDHA)
This site attempts to provide accurate and current data in the field of feline hip dysplasia and offers an opportunity for feline breeders, fanciers, veterinarians and other interested parties to...

(9) BellaPalazzo Ragdolls
Connecticut breeder of Ragdoll cats, pictures of Ragdoll cats and kittens and information about ragdolls

(10) KittySites.Com
The Cat Lover's Online Directory! If you are looking for a cat site, this is the place

(11) DreamCats!
Online purebred cat breeder directory and information site

(12) Avalon criadores amateurs de gatos - persian and russian blue cats
Homepage of Avalon amateur breeder of persian and russian blue cats in Spain near Barcelona (in Spanish)

(13) Welcome to Palantir
Information on Siamese, Oriental & Angora cats plus links to cat breeders, clubs & shows in the UK

(14) Ferrersford British Shorthair
We breed British Shorthair Cats in the UK, specialising in black, blue, white, black-tipped (silver shaded) and tortoiseshell

(15) Icemoor cats
I have been breeding British Shorthair, Exotic shorthair and Persian cats in the UK for over 13 years

(16) Absolutely Cats
International directory of cat breeders websites, photos, information and more. Excellent resource for all cat lovers

(17) Cornucopia Persians
Spanish persians cat breeder. We are a little FIFE's cattery in Madrid (Spain). We breed sefl and bi-color.


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