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(1) My Four-Legged Kids
This is my page dedicated to my two wonderful cats. I love them both dearly

(2) Connecticut Humane Society
We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

(3) Spilt Milk Realty, Inc.
Spilt Milk Realty, Inc. manufactures the finest homes for cats! Our unique pet products are guaranteed to make your pets happy. Come visit the largest pet store on the web

(4) Adventures of Tiger the Kitten
The zany life of a globe-trotting feline, in cartoons. See also, Subversive Social Commentary

(5) Quillo's Online Zoo
An online zoo with pictures, sounds, and information about the world's animals

Uk pets portal featuring an online shop, interactive vet advice, pet services database, breed selector, pet travel information and a fun and informative section for kids


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