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(1) The Coyote (Desert USA)
All about coyotes, their scientific names, common names, description, behavior, range, habitats and life cycle

(2) The Tale of the Coyote
One day, a man was walking down a village path when he met a coyote. Normally when a man sees a coyote, he gets scared

(3) South Florida Coyote Project
Information related to coyotes in Florida by the University of Florida

(4) Desert Animals & Wildlife Index - DesertUSA
Lots of links to DesertUSA's many informative pages about desert animals and wildlife, includes color photos, scientific names and articles

(5) Wild Dog Foundation - Preserving Our World's Wild Canines
The Wild Dog Foundation, a project of The World Carnivore Society, is dedicated to help promote wolf restoration, support captive breeding of highly endangered canines such as African Wild Dog...


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