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(1) New England Aquarium
Focuses on raising people's awareness of the environment through exhibits, education programs, public forums, and outreach programs

(2) Polperro Dolphin Swims: Swimming with the Wild Bottlenose Dolphins of...
Polperro Dolphin Swims: Swimming with the Wild Bottlenose Dolphins of Port Phillip Bay

(3) The Divine Dolphin - Swimming with Wild Dolphins and Whales...
Swim with Wild Dolphins and Whales in the Bahamas and Costa Rica! Travel with us to see lots of pictures of dolphins, read about connections with dolphins and whales and...

(4) DolphinNet- original photography, digital art, music and video of Dolphins

(5) Dolphin Research Institute, Inc
The Dolphin Research Institute Inc. was seeded in 1989 by a group of like-minded volunteers who wanted to learn more about the dolphins in Port Phillip Bay in order to...

(6) Song of the Dolphins
A South Pacific adventure story about the dangerous journey of two dolphins

(7) Bassetti "Adotto il mio delfino" - Bassetti "Adopt a dolphin"
Bassetti e il CTS lanciano la campagna 'Adotto il Mio Delfino': acquistando un prodotto... - BASSETTI launches the Adopt your Dolphin campaing: when purchasing one of the products... (Italian)

(8) ~When Whale Sings~ Welcome
Killer Whales Keiko, Lolita, Corky

(9) International Dolphin Watch
International Dolphin Watch IDW Home page. A non-profit organisation dedicated to the study and care of dolphins, especially their relationship with humans

(10) Dolphin Connection Home Page, Joan Ocean seminars, dolphin swims
Come to Kona Hawaii and join Joan's seminars for fun and adventure

(11) JoJo the Dolphin
JoJo the Dolphin, the Turks and Caicos Islands National Treasure

Cetacea - the world's whales, dolphins and porpoises all on one site

(13) The Dolphin Institute - Honolulu, Hawaii - Whale and Dolphin
The Dolphin Institute and the Kewalo Basin Marine Mammal Laboratory: Dedicated to Dolphins and Whales through Education, Research, and Conservation. Over 20 years Dolphin Research and Whale Research, based in...

(14) The Whale Museum: Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington
The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, Washington: The mission of The Whale Museum is to increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the marine environment with special emphasis on whales

(15) Adopt a Whale; Humpback Whale Research & Marine Education-Cetacean Research...
Humpback whales, and other cetaceans, educational, research, and conservation topics; adopt a whale program

(16) Welcome to WhaleNet at Wheelock College, Boston
WhaleNet is an interactive educational project sponsored (whale, seal, dolphin, porpoise and turtle data) by Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts with support from the National Science Foundation

(17) The Marine Mammal Center
We recognize our interdependence with marine mammals and our responsibility to use our awareness, compassion and intelligence to ensure their survival and the conservation of their habitat

(18) Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation: Whale Research Eco-volunteer Trips in British...
Be a biologist for a week! The Coastal Ecosystems Research Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose aim is to fund ecological research through eco-tourism. Research is presently focused on the...

(19) American Cetacean Society
The American Cetacean Society; whale and dolphin conservation, education, and research from the oldest cetacean conservation group in the world

(20) Mystic Aquarium / Institute for Exploration
Explore our Ocean Planet when you visit Mystic Aqaurium and the Institute for Exploration



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