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(1) African Wildlife Foundation
This Foundation protects the African invaluable natural resources - initiated in 1961

(2) Elephant Mangers Association (EMA)
A non-profit organization devoted to the transfer of knowledge on veterinary care, training, treatment, behavioral studies, breeding, and habitat enrichment for elephants worldwide

(3) Friends of the Asian Elephant
Locates, rehabilitates and provides medical treatment for numbers of elephants

(4) World of Products
Over 3500 Wonderful Items In Our Full Colour Catalogue including alabastrite elephants

(5) Alf Erickson's Elephant Polo Page
Every year in December I travel with my Screwy Tuskers team to the annual tournament of the World Elephant Polo Association

(6) Elephant Information Repository
Interesting Elephant Facts: An Ever-expanding List of Tidbits to Inform and Fascinate

(7) Elephant Nature Park
Northern Thailand's premier eco adventure park and wild-life sanctuary

(8) Elephant Research
If you know any stories about elephants, or any good references on the subject, please send them to me

(9) Dr. Sue's Elephants Fun Page (Davis Virtual Market) 9/3/95

(10) African Lion Safari
Visitors are caged in their cars while the animals roam free across the zoo's 20 hectare park (auto-launches sound)

(11) Denver Zoo
The Denver Zoo is home to 3,500 animals representing more than 600 different species. During a Zoo visit you can see rare amur leopards, black rhinoceros, coral reef fish, elephants, zebras, vampire bats, gorillas and more

(12) Oakland Zoo
Has over 300 animals from 50 different species living in lush, naturalistic settings Our collection is organized in biomes, geographic regions that represent the ecosystem of that area

(13) Ark Animal Tracks
Dreaming of an animal career? Wonder about wild or domestic behavior & training? Join Diana Guerrero for a glimpse into the secret world of animals!

(14) Welcome to the Toronto Virtual Zoo!
Ontario Canada

(15) Animal Health Emerging Animal Diseases (AHEAD)
The Animal Health/Emerging Animal Diseases project of the Federation of American Scientists was formed in October 1995 to address infectious animal disease and zoonotic concerns. AHEAD is particularly concerned with...

(16) Gladys Porter Zoo
Zoo established in 1971 for preservation and propagation of endangered species through captive breeding and public education

(17) Wildlife Pictures
Aims to showcase Africa and draw attention to its vast natural wildlife resources via professional photographery. Through this attention we hope to create awareness of various issues and threats facing...

(18) Ecovolunteer
Ecovolunteer offers wildlife conservation projects worldwide, operated by local conservation organisations, open for hands-on participation by ecotourists, travelers and students

(19) Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks
Two excitingly different wild animal parks, created by John Aspinal, dedicated to the preservation of rare and endangered animals. Come here on safari or watch the animals through our webcams


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