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(1) American Association of Swine Practitioners (AASP)
A nonprofit educational professional society dedicated increase the knowledge of veterinarians in the field of swine medicine

(2) Mystic Ridge Rhodesian Ridgebacks & Sloughi
Breeder/exhibitor of champion Rhodesian Ridgebacks & Sloughi. Focusing on health, temperment, correct structure and athletic ability. Quality over quantity.

(3) Animal Health Institute (AHI)
Representing companies that make medicines for pet and farm animals

(4) Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)
Charity which promotes the health & welfare of cats by making the latest information available to vets, cat breeders and owners

(5) National Institute of Animal Health (Japan)(NIAH)
Research and development on methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a number of animal diseases which are limiting factor to the supply of safe, cheap and high quality products

(6) Wildlife Trust
Speaking out for nature in Britain since 1912

(7) Ambar Cattery
Ambar Turkish Angora & Maine Coon Cats: pictures, pedigrees, and musings on our vibrant, healthy, goofy, loving, charming cats (raised under-foot, on-bed, and atop-monitor) and the life we share

(8) Butterflies Home
Family-run business specializes in raising beautiful healthy butterflies for release at your special event

(9) Commercial Fish and Shellfish Technologies
Multi-disciplinary faculty experienced in HACCP, aquaculture, fish health, agricultural economics, food safety, waste management, business administration and more with fish and shellfish industries

(10) Equine Research Inc
Publish the books for horse people everywhere The most up-to-date information for maintaining your horse's health and performance, and then explaining it in easy-to-understand terms

(11) Exclusively Equine Online
Useful horse-oriented merchandise, offered at discount prices and backed by fast, convenient service

(12) Feathered Kids 'n Stuff
animals Birds business cage accessories toy supplies nutrition supplements perches swings feed breeding health care air purifiers

(13) Feline PineŽ - A Healthy Cat Litter
Feline PineŽ: a healthier and cleaner alternative to the traditional clay and clumping clay litter

(14) HotSpot for Birds
An award-winning, family-friendly avian mall and a reference center Our mall carries products for the care and enjoyment of birds Our reference center contains many informative articles intended to help keep your bird safe & healthy

(15) Magnetic Pet Products
Bionorth magnetic energy is proven to extend the life of pets up to 50% Try our magnetic pet collars and bedding

(16) Managing Pig Health and the Treatment of Disease
Have you ever wanted to know how to recognise, diagnose, treat, manage and control diseases on the pig farm

(17) Mountain Meadows Pets Home Page
Their goal is to provide safe, healthy and effective products for pets, people, and the Earth, while using only naturally occurring materials that will biodegrade

(18) Nutra Cell Labs Pet Nutrition Center
100% all natural nutrients for cat (feline), dog (canine), equine (horses) it includes all necessary vitamins for pet care, pet health and good nutrition naturally

(19) Be-Mi-Kitties
Come meet the gang at our house, the doors open - just don't let the cats out

(20) Revival Animal Health 1998 On-Line Small Animal Catalog
Specializes in pet, horse, and small animal supplies



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