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(1) Serpo Reptile Zoo
Serpo Reptile Zoo - Reptilienzoo serpo

(2) Island Gems Rabbitry
Complete rabbit care for breeding, showing and pets. Lots of FREE bunny clipart. Netherland Dwarf breeders links by state. Breeding quality netherland Dwarfs

(3) eurodwarfs
Dwarf rabbits in Europe, trying to come to uniformity on the showtables in the various countries. Great photo's and links (Dutch, German & English)

(4) Bordeauxdoggen De Paltrok
A site about our Bordeauxdoggen

(5) Megasthenes Tosa Inu's
This our Megasthenes Tosa Inu's website. You pictures from our Tosa's. We give a lot of iformation on our website. We have very often updates on our site. Click and...

(6) Ipahof shepherds
Pictures and info about our German shepherds from pure bred German bloodlines. Members of the German SV the Dutch VDH the Belgian VVDH and Schutzhund USA in the Netherlands

(7) Hooch's homepage
Our Dogue de Bordeaux

(8) Homepagina Dogue du Nord
Dogue de Bordeaux kennel - Dogue du Nord

(9) Honden op het WWW (DOGGY.NET) - Dogs on the Web
honden: alle rashonden, rasverenigingen, fokkers, hondenshows, verzorging, on-line dierenarts, homeopatie, raskeuze, opvoeding, pensions - Information for all breeds; associations, breeders, shows, care, veterinary, homeopathy, rearing, etc. (In Dutch)

(10) Kennel 'van het Meerhuisje'
Kennel 'van het meerhuisje' heeft af en toe hollandse herder langhaar pups - breeders of Ductch longhaired shepherds (in Dutch)

(11) Duitse Herder Kennel Lasanna Balo - GSD Kennel
German shepherd breeders from the Netherlands breed only German bloodlines. Members of the German SV breeding show dogs that work and working dogs that show (Dutch & English)

(12) Baden K-9
Trainer and breeders of German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dobermans. Working dogs for Personal/Home Protection/Guard and for Military, Federal, State, Commercial or Search and Rescue use

(13) Timbos
Mountain hiking with dogs: with lots of pictures of our dalmatians made in Austria, Italy and Switzerland, with a lot of tips, links and suggestions for hiking trips (Dutch & Englsh)


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