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(1) Canadian Federation of Humane Societies - WELCOME TO CFHS!
A non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote compassion and humane treatment for all animals

(2) Good Bears of the World
a non profit organization which provides teddy bears to children of all ages, where love, solace, and comfort can make a difference

(3) National Audubon Society
The mission of the National Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds and other wildlife for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity

(4) Honey Bears World
And who's been looking at my website . . . said Daddy Bear in his gruff growly voice

(5) Polar Bears by Jon
One day in the northern Arctic, 8 year-old polar bear, PJ, was out catching pink salmon for lunch

(6) Feathered Kids 'n Stuff
animals Birds business cage accessories toy supplies nutrition supplements perches swings feed breeding health care air purifiers

(7) Butterflies on the Web
This link page is dedicated to the earth's most beautiful creatures

(8) My Four-Legged Kids
This is my page dedicated to my two wonderful cats. I love them both dearly

(9) Dog Owner's Guide
The online newspaper for pet and show dog owners Information about dogs and how to live with them

(10) How To Love Your Dog
Kids - Got a new puppy? Want to teach your dog some tricks? Want your dog to behave? Check us out. You'll have a great time

(11) Children's Butterfly Site
A place specifically designed for kids to learn about butterflies and moths

(12) AWhitehorse
An online magazine with lots of information about horses. Features games, chat, clubs and links

(13) Horsefun
The absolute best site on the internet for kids who LOVE horses and everything horsey - don't miss this one

(14) Jr Riders Journal
Junior Riders Journal is a place for real kids to discuss real horses and equestrian concerns with each other

(15) - The offical site for United States Pony Clubs
Provides a program for youth that teaches riding, mounted sports, care of horses and ponies

(16) BC SPCA Education Division
Teaches children about behaviour, needs and care of animals, our programs provide gentle yet powerful lessons in compassion, responsibility and respect for others

(17) Connecticut Humane Society
We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

(18) SwineOnline
Swineonline is a multi-user online game that enables visitors to raise and care for a pig. Prizes

(19) Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

(20) Micke Grove Zoo of California
Interactive zoo for kids and adults, complete with animal sounds and pictures, habitat information, games and zoo history



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