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(1) Meet Dr. Lynn Rogers
Dr. Lynn Rogers has been walking in the forests for over thirty years doing wildlife research - He is best known for his work with black bears in the Ely area

(2) African Bird Club
African Bird Club for birders and ornithologists dedicated to wild African birds and their conservation and how to join, club news, sales, Bulletin articles, photos and artwork

(3) Wonder Wiener Dogs of Washington
Funny photos of handsome active dachshunds (aka doxie, dachsie)

(4) Cowboy Bob's Home Spread
A site for horse lovers of all ages - packed with horsemanship questions and answers, tips, stories, photos and much more

(5) Digital Images
Beautiful drawings and greeting cards from photographs of your pet. Digital enhancement, photo restoration, image manipulation

(6) Be-Mi-Kitties
Come meet the gang at our house, the doors open - just don't let the cats out

(7) The Butterfly Farmer
Learn about butterflies and butterfly farming in Costa Rica

(8) Butterflies on the Web
This link page is dedicated to the earth's most beautiful creatures

(9) The Butterfly WebSite
Welcome to The Butterfly WebSite - the most complete information on butterfly gardening, farming, ecology and education

(10) Captain's European Butterfly Guide
A selection of photographs and other information about some of the butterflies of Europe including Tenerife, Morocco, Pyrenees, Brittany, Turkey, Analucia and the UK

(11) Chuck's Hobby Page
Photos of galaxies, nebulas and tips on various aspects of the hobby Butterflies

(12) Schmetterlinghaus
Austria's prime location to view butterflies, this garden features a greenhouse, a gift shops, info packs for students and a very fine coffee bar

(13) Dog Zone
The Dog Breeder's Exchange and ON-LINE Magazine

(14) The Golden Retriever Review
The site offers the only national list of Golden Retriever stud dogs with color photos, five generation pedigrees and health clearances

(15) The Squirrel Place
Information, identification, control, and other frequently ask questions about this little animal. A large collection of photos, videos, and related links to answer your most baffling squirrel questions

Gerbil Net = Gerbiilien kotikolo / Gerbil's Place - Gerbiilejš ja hiirulaisia / Gerbils and mice

(17) Children's Butterfly Site
A place specifically designed for kids to learn about butterflies and moths

(18) Useless Hamster-related Resources
Pages from all over the world, jammed full of rather useless (but quite fun) hamster information, such as photographs of someone's hamster

(19) The Equestrian Times
International Equestrian News Network

(20) Pet Finder: Directory of Homeless Pets
Searchable national database of pets available for adoption. Descriptions and photos. Updated daily



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