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(1) American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
A not-for-profit organization, founded in 1866. Works to alleviate pain, fear and suffering in animals through means such as humane law enforcement, legislative advocacy, education and hands-on animal care

Web site maintained by the Canadian Swine Breeders Association (CSBA) with the help of our industry partners

(3) Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG)
An international conservation organization whose mission is to assist conservation of threatened animal and plant species through scientific management of small populations in wild habitats, with linkage to captive populations where needed

(4) Bird On
The Internet wild bird pages are published by Jacobi Jayne and Company

(5) Peterson Online
For birders and naturalists covering birds, birding, bird watching, nature, rare bird alerts, CD-ROM's, based on Roger Tory Peterson's work, from Houghton Mifflin Interactive

(6) interBirdNet
Magazine and birding information service Comprises a Birding information service and magazine for birders worldwide and information on bird sightings in the UK

(7) The Large Macaws, Their Care, Breeding & Conservation
The Internet's most complete source for Pet Bird care and information

(8) Equine Research Inc
Publish the books for horse people everywhere The most up-to-date information for maintaining your horse's health and performance, and then explaining it in easy-to-understand terms

(9) Digital Images
Beautiful drawings and greeting cards from photographs of your pet. Digital enhancement, photo restoration, image manipulation

(10) Butterfly Gardeners' Quarterly
Contains articles about butterfly species, plants and gardening styles, experts' butterfly gardens, information on organizations, publications and events

(11) Cats & Kittens
A magazine of the best about cats - produced bimonthly by Pet Business Inc

(12) Bird Dog & Retriever News
The complete source for upland and waterfowl hunters using dogs

(13) Dog & Kennel Magazine
The magazine of the best about dogs. Articles about dog breeds, breeders, collectibles, dogs at work, health care issues, environmental issues, training, grooming, new products, books and videos, and puppies

(14) Dog Owner's Guide
The online newspaper for pet and show dog owners Information about dogs and how to live with them

(15) Dog Zone
The Dog Breeder's Exchange and ON-LINE Magazine

(16) Flying Dog Press
Information on dog training, behavior, the canine athlete, jumping, tracking, aggression, puppy testing, agility, dog/human relationships, self-hypnosis, biomagnetics, and lots of free articles on behavior & training

(17) Hoflin's Dogs Online
We are publishers of outstanding dog magazines, dog annuals and dog books

(18) Mushing Online
Magazine for dogsledding skijoring, carting, dog-packing and weight pulling enthusiasts

(19) Show Dog Magazine
The First On Line Magazine Dedicated to the Sport of Purebred Dogs

(20) The Golden Retriever Review
The site offers the only national list of Golden Retriever stud dogs with color photos, five generation pedigrees and health clearances



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