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(1) National Alternative Pet Association
Resource for exotic/alternative pet owners, suppliers, rescue groups/shelters, clubs, breeders, fanciers, zookeepers, vets or anyone else with an interest in pets who are 'different'. URL listings for various types of exotic pet sites, adoption listings, lost/found and other services

(2) Arcata Pet Online
Arcata Pet is a full-line pet product supplier in business for 25+ years We ship nationwide, with rapid order processing and flat rate UPS or Priority Mail shipping

(3) Central Florida Reptile Farm
Sell quality captive bred and long-term captive turtles and tortoises from around the world

(4) HerpSupplies
Bringing you the best in Reptile and Amphibian Husbandry Supplies and Accessories

(5) Welcome to Reptile Depot
Quality reptiles and supplies

(6) Rolf C. Hagen Inc Home Page
Quality pet supplies for all pets, including fish, bird, cat, dog, small animals (hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, ferrets, etc.) reptiles and outdoor pond and pool supplies (English & German)

(7) Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.
Manufacturer of exotic pet products

(8) Iguana Care basics- 101
Care of the green iguana including diet, housing, lighting, behaviour and breeding information

(9) Virtual Pet Cemetery
The world's best known and most cherished online burial ground

(10) Sea Turtle Inc - South Padre Island Texas
For nearly 20 years, a visit to The Turtle Lady has been an integral part of the South Padre Island Experience

(11) Turtle Forum
Here you may post messages or questions pertaining to all subspecies of Turtles and Turtle collecting, breeding, or keeping

(12) Turtle Trax - A Sea Turtle Page
Turtle Trax is dedicated to the wonder and beauty of sea turtles, showing people why sea turtles are threatened throughout the world

(13) Electronic Zoo
An attempt to help people and their animals in the spirit of academic interest in telecommunications for the veterinary profession

(14) Paignton Zoo
One of England's largest zoos

(15) Serpo Reptile Zoo
Serpo Reptile Zoo - Reptilienzoo serpo

(16) Petland, Inc
Our pet counsellors are dedicated to matching the right pet with the right customer and meeting the needs of both

(17) PetsForum Group Web Service Center
PetsForum Group Web Service Center - world's largest electronic information service for pets and animals

(18) Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon Page
Care of the Chinese water dragon including information on diet, enclosures, behaviour, taming and breeding. Over 100 commonly kept reptiles and amphibians also discussed on this site

(19) National Zoo Home Page - Animals, Plants, People, Movies and More
Visit the animals plants and people of the National Zoo. Take virtual tours of our exhibits, watch videos or movies, listen to lectures, and browse our animal photo gallery. Includes...

(20) Desert Animals & Wildlife Index - DesertUSA
Lots of links to DesertUSA's many informative pages about desert animals and wildlife, includes color photos, scientific names and articles



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