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(1) American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association AFRMA
Non-profit international club whose purpose is to is to promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice for show and pets

(2) Barn Owl (Tyto albq)
The Barn Owl has nearly world-wide distribution, being absent from only the high Latitudes and introduced into some Pacific islands for rat control

(3) Fern Cage Mfg Home Page
High quality small animal cages for your every need - the only cages approved and endorsed by the Rat and Mouse Club of America

(4) Huggin' Pup Farm Chinchillas
We are breeding pet chinchillas in our home in South Carolina. They are cuddled and loved so they can be sold as happy, friendly pets

(5) Bdewman's Gerbil Page
A Gerbil Care Page with lots of information and links, stories, free advertisement posting, and much more

Gerbil Net = Gerbiilien kotikolo / Gerbil's Place - Gerbiilejš ja hiirulaisia / Gerbils and mice

(7) The National Gerbil Society
Information on Gerbils, Jirds, and The National Gerbil Society

(8) The alt.pets.hamsters FAQ
The original Hamster FAQ. Full of answers to your questions, hamster trivia, and links to other great hamster sites

(9) Complete Hamster Site
The ultimate hamster site on the web. The Complete Hamster Site covers all aspects of hamster keeping and care as well as species, breeding hamsters, hamster genetics and Hamster Clubs

(10) Hamster Fanciers of America
Welcome to the Hamster Fanciers of America page. Please check back occasionally to see if we've added new info. Coming soon will be our Gallery of Colors and several links pages

(11) The Hamster Club of America (HCA)
Hamster chat, breeder listing, products supplies, types and colors, lins etc

(12) Syrian or Golden Hamsters
Hamsters are the most common rodent kept as pets. When speaking of hamsters, people are almost exclusively referring to the Syrian or Golden Hamster, although there are...

(13) Useless Hamster-related Resources
Pages from all over the world, jammed full of rather useless (but quite fun) hamster information, such as photographs of someone's hamster

(14) Your Hamster's Health
Your hamster's health is very important. Although they usually can take care of themselves, you play an important role in it's life

(15) Aaaaaargh. The Ratz!
Rat care, info and news Gif's a growth table and a diary of my rats Book reviews and links

(16) Rowangate Rats
A rattery located in Essex,England. Following varieties of Fancy Rats: blue agouti, chinchilla, roan (aka husky). Kittens sometimes available. About the rats, photo's, show results & other ratty links

(17) Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Fancy Rats
Answers to more than 30 questions about having pet rats

(18) MN Rat Connection
The MN Rat Connection not only offers Rats for Sale but includes a list of Links to Important Rat-Related Sites

(19) The Pet Rodent Homepage
Information about species, care, book and equipment reviews, and many links

(20) The Rat and Mouse Club of America
Information about shows, care, rescue groups, vets, reta links and more



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