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(1) American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association AFRMA
Non-profit international club whose purpose is to is to promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice for show and pets

(2) American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA)
horses associations United States U.S.A. AQHA

(3) National Organization of Responsible Animal Owners (NORAO)
Educates the public about animal cruelty and abuse and pioneers the enforcing of existing animal laws to convict violators with stiff criminal sentencing

(4) Western Canadian Budgerigar Association (WCBA)
While traveling back to Vancouver on the BC Ferry after a Fall Show in Victoria, a group of budgerigar fanciers were once again lamenting the fact that it would be nice to have a speciality budgerigar association

(5) The Coop
Dedicated to folks from around the world that raise, breed or show Poultry, Waterfowl, Gamebirds and related species

(6) Ambar Cattery
Ambar Turkish Angora & Maine Coon Cats: pictures, pedigrees, and musings on our vibrant, healthy, goofy, loving, charming cats (raised under-foot, on-bed, and atop-monitor) and the life we share

(7) BoarSemen
BoarSemen.Com is the liquid genetics division of RPM Farms. This web Site was designed and programmed by herdsmen, for herdsmen

(8) Home Page of the Happy Birds
Happy Birds is performing parrot show that you can bring to your home or any location! Birds ride bikes, scooters, skates, sing, talk, play basketball, over25 amazing tricks

(9) Digital Images
Beautiful drawings and greeting cards from photographs of your pet. Digital enhancement, photo restoration, image manipulation

(10) LoneStar Guppy Hatchery
Award winning fancy show guppies available. Years of selective breeding have produced the top blood lines in the world

(11) Potbelly Pigs Online Potbellied Pigs Breeders Pet Pigs Pot Belly Resouces
Potbellied pig breeders and consultants. Produce an exceptional line, Starlite Show Pigs. Inforamtion about the proper care and training of the pet pig

(12) iconz metal wildlife cards
Showcase of our extensive range of metal greeting cards handcrafted by sheltered workshops. We supply game & theme parks, zoos museums & galleries with our unique format

(13) Tailsend Cattery
Web site provides information about pedigreed cats, cat shows and cat clubs

(14) Ultra Lite Products Home Page
Offers a complete line of premier Animal Enclosures. We also manufacture innovative Modular Plastic Parts

(15) PACKSŪ - Dog Packs and Equipment for Working Dogs
Wolf Packs is a manufacturer of dog equipment We specialize in dog backpacks, boots and related items for adventurous dogs

(16) Cat Fanciers Web Site
Web site provides articles and links on cat breeds, cat shows, cat care, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine - Also includes a directory of over 800 cat breeders

(17) Cats Wild to Mild
Filled with 'purrfect' fun, this exciting new exhibition traces the natural history of the cat from wild, exotic felines to America's number one pet

(18) CLAW
A fascinating club for cats offering opportunities to broaden your nine lives and to show off your abilities to rule

(19) CompuPets Breeder Directory
Canada's show dog site and breeder directory

(20) Dog Owner's Guide
The online newspaper for pet and show dog owners Information about dogs and how to live with them



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