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(1) WWF/Adena
WWF/Adena trabaja para conservar la diversidad biológica y frenar la contaminación, potenciando el amor y el respeto por los principales ecosistemas y especies del Mediterráneo y Latinoamérica: bosques, aguas dulces...

(2) Avalon criadores amateurs de gatos - persian and russian blue cats
Homepage of Avalon amateur breeder of persian and russian blue cats in Spain near Barcelona (in Spanish)

(3) Camel breeding
Our livestock company, CAMELLO FATAGA S.L., breeds dromedaries (Camelus dromedarios). They are situated on the islands of Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura, of the Canary Islands' archipelago, off the African coast

(4) DogSpain - Perros y mascotas - Dogs & Mascots
Criadores de perros de todas las cazas, caracteristicas de cada raza,consejos de adiestramiento y comportamiento.Chistes de perros - characteristic of race, advice on training and comportment of dogs; aids and photos (Spanish only)

(5) West highland kennel
Top winning West Highland and Scottish kennel. We have lovely puppies with the best character and pedigree (English & Spanish)

(6) Cornucopia Persians
Spanish persians cat breeder. We are a little FIFE's cattery in Madrid (Spain). We breed sefl and bi-color.

(7) World wide importers/exporters of tropical birds and reptiles
Koala imports/exports of live birds, small animals, and reptiles. From our premises in spain we serve wholesale dealers and individuals all over the world. Our stock is under strict control.


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