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(1) Montana Wildlife Federation
Monitors governmental, commercial, industrial and private activities that affect our natural resources

(2) The Coop
Dedicated to folks from around the world that raise, breed or show Poultry, Waterfowl, Gamebirds and related species

(3) Wildfowl net The Ultimate Waterfowl Resource
Collection of original waterfowl articles, stories, recipes, images, sounds, and links for the dedicated hunter

(4) Mid Carolina Media
Richard A Wolters hunting dog training videos - Family, Game, Gun, and Water Dog

(5) Bird Dog & Retriever News
The complete source for upland and waterfowl hunters using dogs

(6) FOWL
A site for discussion of the presence of waterfowl in Sioux Falls, SD

(7) Museum of the Canada Goose
Branta is a Goose who helps people understand Canada Geese. She will answer questions and help with (but not do) homework, as long as it's related to Canada Geese


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