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(21) National Oval Tack Racing Association NOTRA On-Line
Official Grading Guides, Rules, Race Results Update & New in 1998

(22) National Wildlife Federation
America's largest conservation education organization

(23) North American Equine Ranching Information Council (NAERIC)
A nonprofit association representing horse breeders and ranchers in North America engaged in the collection of pregnant mares' urine (PMU)

(24) North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA)
A non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support equine-facilitated activities for individuals with disabilities

(25) Pacific Northwest Trackers Association
A non-profit organization in the State of Washington, however there are members from the other Pacific NW states as well

(26) Shad Foundation
An international non-profit organization for the study, protection, and celebration of shad around the world

(27) Appalachian Bear Center (ABC)
ABS is a bear rehabilitation, research and education facility located just outside the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

(28) The Dallas Zoo
The Dallas Zoo is located on 650 S.R.L. Thornton Freeway, Dallas, Texas. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily . Closed Christmas day. Call 214-670-5656 for more information

(29) Meet Dr. Lynn Rogers
Dr. Lynn Rogers has been walking in the forests for over thirty years doing wildlife research - He is best known for his work with black bears in the Ely area

(30) Jack Russell Terrier Network of Northern California
Trials, rescue, advice, pictures, breed standards, books & training

(31) Fern Cage Mfg Home Page
High quality small animal cages for your every need - the only cages approved and endorsed by the Rat and Mouse Club of America

(32) The Golden Carrot Horse Rescue
The Golden Carrot is a horse rescue organization which offers educational experience to visitors. There are more than 20 horses in residence

(33) Luzza International Livestock Corp
AAA Service in Worldwide Livestock Exporting from Canada and/or USA Your source for Genetic and Production improvement

(34) Merrick Pet Delicatessen
Home of all natural pet treats, Chews & Snacks - no salt, sugars or preservatives added

(35) Marjorie's Tropical Fish & Pets - Tropical Fish Rd
Are you looking for the perfect pet? Marjorie's is just the place for you to visit - Canaan Maine

(36) Museo de Mariposas del Mundo - Unico en Sudamerica
The Museo Mariposas del Mundo features links to other entimological sites in Spanish and English. Also available is membership information

(37) Cats in Canada
Web site is dedicated to the promotion of Canadian cats

(38) Cats Wild to Mild
Filled with 'purrfect' fun, this exciting new exhibition traces the natural history of the cat from wild, exotic felines to America's number one pet

(39) The Coyote (Desert USA)
All about coyotes, their scientific names, common names, description, behavior, range, habitats and life cycle

(40) South Florida Coyote Project
Information related to coyotes in Florida by the University of Florida



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