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(21) Dandy Lions Persians
Dandy Lions Persians site for cat lovers! Cat Chat room, bulletin board, tons of info and much more

(22) My Four-Legged Kids
This is my page dedicated to my two wonderful cats. I love them both dearly

(23) Pet Memorial Cards
2" x 4" laminated pet memorial cards to send out to friends, family notifying the loss of a pet. Cards to give out at Police K9 funerals, SAR funerals, to...

(24) The Ragdoll Cat Homepage
A complete guide to the Ragdoll cat breed

(25) Atlanta Humane Society Menu of Services
We strive to prevent neglect, abuse, cruelty and exploitation of animals

(26) Cambridge and Disctrict Humane Society
Web site features online adoption, sponsorship, lost and found, adopted pets, links, education and volunteer information. Make donations on line

(27) Cherryland Humane Society, Traverse City Michigan
Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City, Michigan

(28) Connecticut Humane Society
We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

(29) District of Maple Ridge SPCA
District of Maple Ridge SPCA, British Columbia, Canada

(30) Humane Society of Cobb County
An independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and providing humane welfare to the animals of Cobb County

(31) Medicine Hat SPCA
The Medicine Hat SPCA site contains: Tips on pet care, pictures or animals up for adoption, an links to other pet care sites

(32) Monroe County Humane Association
Prevent cruelty to animals and to promote respect for animals and their environments

(33) Montgomery County SPCA
Web Site has listings of our cats and dogs who need homes, information about your pet, and information about our organization

An online pet memoriam allowing you to memorialize your beloved pet on the World Wide Web. . . Forever FOR FREE

(35) Virtual Pet Cemetery
The world's best known and most cherished online burial ground

(36) The Virtual Memorial Garden VMG
A place where people can celebrate their family, friends and pets and tell the rest of us about them and why they were special

(37) The Internet Lost and Found
Free directory listings for lost and found animals and items worldwide

(38) animalINK
Information, stories and activities for people concerned about animals, animal welfare and humane education

(39) Ontario Veterinary College (OVC)
The oldest veterinary college in the Americas in terms of continuous operation

(40) Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine
Has the most sought-after veterinary education programs, with more than 7 applicants per position. A world leader in veterinary medical teaching, service, and scientific investigation



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