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(21) Polperro Dolphin Swims: Swimming with the Wild Bottlenose Dolphins of...
Polperro Dolphin Swims: Swimming with the Wild Bottlenose Dolphins of Port Phillip Bay

(22) Bassetti "Adotto il mio delfino" - Bassetti "Adopt a dolphin"
Bassetti e il CTS lanciano la campagna 'Adotto il Mio Delfino': acquistando un prodotto... - BASSETTI launches the Adopt your Dolphin campaing: when purchasing one of the products... (Italian)

(23) International Dolphin Watch
International Dolphin Watch IDW Home page. A non-profit organisation dedicated to the study and care of dolphins, especially their relationship with humans

(24) The Whale Museum: Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington
The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, Washington: The mission of The Whale Museum is to increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the marine environment with special emphasis on whales

(25) American Cetacean Society
The American Cetacean Society; whale and dolphin conservation, education, and research from the oldest cetacean conservation group in the world

(26) Sinapu • Southern Rockies Wolf Web • wolf • wolves...
This website aims to educate citizens about wolf restoration and habitat protection issues in the Southern Rockies

(27) Timber Wolf Information Network - Interactive
Timber Wolf Information Network Interactive

International Cyberzine for Working and Sporting Dogs and the People Who Breed, Train, Handle, Employ, and Love Them

(29) American Humane Association
AHA is a national leader in identifying and preventing the causes of child and animal abuse and neglect

(30) 2000 Dog Names: Naming your puppy
2000 suggestions for naming your puppy

(31) British Mule Society
British Mule Society aims to preserve and improve the standard of mules in general by breeding and to encourage the use, appreciation, well-being and protection of the mule

(32) Notley Road Kennels
Quality German Shepherds for Schutzhund, companionship, and protection

(33) The site of the German Shepherds Dog Club of Israel

(34) Mountain View Farms
Mountain View Farms Conservation and Breeding Center is an organization whose purpose is the conservation of and education about the world's small wild cats and endangered hoofstock species

(35) Baden K-9
Trainer and breeders of German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dobermans. Working dogs for Personal/Home Protection/Guard and for Military, Federal, State, Commercial or Search and Rescue use

(36) Friends of the Florida Panther Refuge
Florida panther information and photos, membership information, and newsletter



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