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(21) Umweltstiftung WWF-Deutschland
Jede Minute verschwindet Wald in der Größe von 35 Fußballfeldern von unserer Erde. Vernichtet durch vorsätzlich gelegte Brände und rücksichtslose Abholzung (German)

(22) WWF - US: World Wildlife Fund
World Wildlife Fund, known worldwide by its panda logo, leads international efforts to save life on earth. Between now and the year 2000, WWF, through the Living Planet Campaign, will...

(23) A Tiger's Cat
Welcome to A Tiger's Cat. This is an effort by a Manx to save the tiger

(24) Adventures of Tiger the Kitten
The zany life of a globe-trotting feline, in cartoons. See also, Subversive Social Commentary

(25) TigerEyes.Com, A Cyberspace Tiger Reserve
Come on in to this online Tiger Reserve where you can learn a little something about the tiger. Features include a Mailing List, Preservation Fund, discussion, and chat

(26) Quillo's Online Zoo
An online zoo with pictures, sounds, and information about the world's animals

(27) Gladys Porter Zoo
Zoo established in 1971 for preservation and propagation of endangered species through captive breeding and public education

(28) Ecovolunteer
Ecovolunteer offers wildlife conservation projects worldwide, operated by local conservation organisations, open for hands-on participation by ecotourists, travelers and students

(29) The Animal Domain
This is the place for all animal lovers! With a large variety of stuff such as interesting animal facts, sounds, pictures, animations, articles, poems, links, and much more. Any one...

(30) Die Schmusetiger - Cosy tigers
Duchesse und Helena - zwei Heilige Birma-Katzen stellen sich und ihre Freunde vor. Mit Bildern, Rassestandard... - Duchesse and Helena - birmian cats - site with pictures, description of... (in German)

(31) Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks
Two excitingly different wild animal parks, created by John Aspinal, dedicated to the preservation of rare and endangered animals. Come here on safari or watch the animals through our webcams

(32) Indian natural history
All about the natural history of India Nepal Bangladesh Sri Lanka and Pakistan

(33) Sierra Endangered Cat Haven
Conservation is the key to saving cats in the wild and engaging public support through education is the goal of the Cat Haven. We can make a difference



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