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(21) Birmingham Zoo
Owned by the City of Birmingham in Alabama

(22) Brevard Zoo
Features over 200 animals representing more than 60 species including alligator, crocodile, giant anteater, tapir, marmoset, jaguar, eagle, river otter, exotic birds and more

(23) Bronx Zoo
The largest metropolitan zoo in the country, the Bronx Zoo comprises 265 acres of parklands and naturalistic habitats - home to over 4,000 animals, many of which are endangered or threatened species

(24) Calagary Zoo
Welcome to the Calgary Zoo, Botanical Garden and Prehistoric Park in Alberta, Canada

(25) Chester Zoo
North of the City of Chester, this zoo covers 110 acres and includes around 11 miles of pathways The zoo supports and promotes conservation by breeding rare and threatened animals, and other pro-active activities

(26) Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

(27) Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
Offers entertaining events and educational programs Membership helps support the Zoo's diverse collection of over 700 animal species

(28) Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Thousands of animals from seven continents roam the zoo's 165 rolling wooded acres including 2 indoor acres of tropics - The RainForest

(29) Cyber Zoomobile
Virtual access to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Enter an interactive realm where you are able to bring many of the world's most exotic species into your home for study and research, or simply your viewing pleasure

(30) Denver Zoo
The Denver Zoo is home to 3,500 animals representing more than 600 different species. During a Zoo visit you can see rare amur leopards, black rhinoceros, coral reef fish, elephants, zebras, vampire bats, gorillas and more

(31) Electronic Zoo
An attempt to help people and their animals in the spirit of academic interest in telecommunications for the veterinary profession

(32) Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

(33) Kansas City Zoo
Explore entire continents and immerse yourself in the animals' natural habitats

(34) Hannover Zoo
Features a wide range of animals

(35) Henry Doorly Zoo
A world class facility in every sense of the word, the Henry Doorly Zoo, Lied Jungle and Scott Aquarium yearly attract more than a million visitors

(36) Henry Vilas Zoological Society - Madison, Wisconsin
Features approximately 800 animals, is free to the public and is open year-round

(37) Indianapolis Zoo
Connecting Animals, Plants, and People

(38) Little Rock Zoo
Began modestly, in 1926, with just two animals - an abandoned timber wolf and a circus-trained brown bear. Today, the zoo has grown to include almost 600 animals representing 170 species

(39) Marwell Zoological Park
Southern Britain's major wild animal park Dedicated to conservation and increased knowledge of all living creatures

(40) North Carolina Zoological Park
Their goal is to encourage understanding and commitment to the conservation of the world's wild animal & plant species, the need for healthy natural habitats & recognition of the...



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