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(41) Tricia's Chinese Water Dragon Page
Care of the Chinese water dragon including information on diet, enclosures, behaviour, taming and breeding. Over 100 commonly kept reptiles and amphibians also discussed on this site

(42) ZebraFinches
I take pride and enjoyment in breeding Zebras and in offering what is most certainly the largest selection of varieties in the United States

(43) Welcome to the American Cockatiel Society
An international non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement and standardization of cockatiels and cockatiel mutations through an informative bi-monthly magazine

(44) Rabbit Farming -Complete Commercial Information
Information for Rabbit processors buyers equipment companies growers feed and breeding stock

(45) ShowBunny Web Site
ShowBunny: A comprehensive site about the rabbit and how to care for rabbits. Detailed information on all breeds of rabbits, health care, and diseases. Your one-stop source for information on...

(46) Rabbit - Shows Home Page We are your one Hop
We are your one Hop Bunny information stop. We have links to all the other rabbit sites you need to find. Go ahead Hop on in

(47) Wild Dog Foundation - Preserving Our World's Wild Canines
The Wild Dog Foundation, a project of The World Carnivore Society, is dedicated to help promote wolf restoration, support captive breeding of highly endangered canines such as African Wild Dog...

International Cyberzine for Working and Sporting Dogs and the People Who Breed, Train, Handle, Employ, and Love Them

(49) Kaninchenzucht.De
German and international rabbit related links

(50) New Horizons Llamas
Breeding llamas for strength, elegance and beauty for nine years. Males, females for sale. One hour north of Seattle. Call for directions and come to visit

(51) Mateer Labradors
We've been dedicated to excellence in breeding since 1979. We have 30+ pages of photos & information

(52) RHR Llamas
Visit this site for llama artwork, dolls, cards, books, information, free digital postcards, and much more. Try it, you'll have lots of llama fun

(53) Island Gems Rabbitry
Complete rabbit care for breeding, showing and pets. Lots of FREE bunny clipart. Netherland Dwarf breeders links by state. Breeding quality netherland Dwarfs

(54) Llama Life II - News Magazine
The Most Comprehensive and Useful Source for Llama News and Views

(55) Ardeng Rabbit Meat
Blue Chip Farms, Inc. does not show rabbits, sell pets or laboratory animals and does not have breeding stock to sell. We are focused on raising high quality meat rabbits

(56) Canadian Kennel Club
The CKC founded back in 1888, is at the centre of the world of purebred dogs in Canada. We're a non profit organization dedicated to encouraging, guiding, and advancing the...

(57) Llamapaedia
Llamapaedia is for everyone with an interest in Llamas. Written by veterinarians, it is intended to be an accurate source of information on husbandry, breeding, care and resources for further...

(58) British Mule Society
British Mule Society aims to preserve and improve the standard of mules in general by breeding and to encourage the use, appreciation, well-being and protection of the mule

(59) Rocky Mountain Llamas Equipment Catalog
Rocky Mountain Llamas has been developing and supplying equipment to the llama community since 1980. Bobra established her llama breeding herd in 1978, and her llama activites have spanned the...

(60) Gladys Porter Zoo
Zoo established in 1971 for preservation and propagation of endangered species through captive breeding and public education



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