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(61) International Federation of Teratology Societies (IFTS Atlas)
The purpose of this atlas is to provide students and researchers of birth defects in academia, industry, and government with a set of images of both rare and common observations...

(62) Animal Research
Educating the public about the medical and scientific invalidity and counterproductivity of animal experimenation and the damage it causes to human health. Producers of the 1997 television documentary "Lethal Medicine"

(63) Department of Animal Science - North Carolina State University (NCSU)
As an animal scientist, your opportunities are boundless and the areas of emphasis are diverse. For example, you can study physiology and genetics, including in vitro fertilization and the manipulation...

(64) Department of Veterinary Science - The Queen's University of Belfast
This presentation has been compiled from the Veterinary Sciences Division's extensive collection of electron micrographs, accumulated over many years of research and diagnostic investigation. This entry will be continually updated

(65) Kentucky Equine Research, Inc.
Kentucky Equine Research takes a multifaceted approach towards bridging the gap that often exists between basic research and horse production. By combining scientific research with hands-on experience in horse production...

(66) Veterinary Heart Institute
The Veterinary Heart Institute is a cardiology referral ceter and provides nationwide consulting services for veterinarians. The VHI committed to clinical and basic cardiologic research, continuing education and the advancement...

(67) Dolphins Plus Inc.
Dolphins Plus is an education and research facility located in sunny Key Largo, Florida. Dolphins Plus houses 10 atlantic bottlenose dolphins and 3 california sea lions. Our focus is to...

Welcome to - The homepage for Marine Life Oceanarium and Marine Animal Productions

(69) The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)
An informative insight into the world of pedigreed cats - with breed profiles, top cat photos, cat show schedule, health articles

(70) The International Marine Mammal Association
The International Marine Mammal Association is dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and their habitats worldwide through research and education

(71) Wildlife Resource & Research
Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Pheasant, & other Wildlife food plot blends & supplements.

(72) - The Camel Resource Site
Comprehensive camel resource for all owners, students, educators, professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts of all camels. Articles, discussion boards, classifieds, extensive links database, store, and more.



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