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(141) Department of Animal Science - North Carolina State University (NCSU)
As an animal scientist, your opportunities are boundless and the areas of emphasis are diverse. For example, you can study physiology and genetics, including in vitro fertilization and the manipulation...

(142) Department of Veterinary Science - The Queen's University of Belfast
This presentation has been compiled from the Veterinary Sciences Division's extensive collection of electron micrographs, accumulated over many years of research and diagnostic investigation. This entry will be continually updated

(143) Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover - School of Veterinary Medicine Hannover (TiHo)
Foreigners who passed a post-graduate or graduate examination abroad are required to study veterinary medicine in... Zum Studium der Tiermedizin berechtigt die allgemeine Hochschulreife oder ein als gleichwertig anerkanntes Zeugnis...

(144) Veterinary Heart Institute
The Veterinary Heart Institute is a cardiology referral ceter and provides nationwide consulting services for veterinarians. The VHI committed to clinical and basic cardiologic research, continuing education and the advancement...

(145) Buckeye House Rabbit Society
House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues abandoned rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care

(146) Animals, dead or alive
More than 120 Links to private as well as educational pages. From universities, zoo's or animal lovers

(147) Gladys Porter Zoo
Zoo established in 1971 for preservation and propagation of endangered species through captive breeding and public education

(148) Pet Sitters International
An educational organization that promotes and teaches excellence in pet sitting. PSI also helps animal owners locate a professional pet sitter

(149) Save Our Strays
Humane education that saves animal lives featuring the pet overpopulation library and a great number of links to animal welfare sites. If you want to know how to develop a...

(150) Dolphins Plus Inc.
Dolphins Plus is an education and research facility located in sunny Key Largo, Florida. Dolphins Plus houses 10 atlantic bottlenose dolphins and 3 california sea lions. Our focus is to...

(151) The New Jersey State Aquarium's Official Site
Over 4,000 aquatic animals including exotic fish and tropical fish, sharks, seals, stingrays and penguins

(152) American Boarding Kennels Association (ABKA)
The American Boarding Kennels Association is the non-profit trade association for the boarding kennels industry. This web site has a list of member kennels, sorted by city and state, along...

(153) National Humane Education Society providing adoption services and animal sanctuaries
The National Humane Education Society was developed as a nonprofit organization to foster a sentiment of kindness to animals in children and adults

(154) CoralRealm Marine Life Education
CoralRealm is all about coral reef marine life. The web site features a searchable database of detailed species accounts of more than 1000 reef fish, sharks and rays

(155) The Wild Carnivore
A mail order company with a difference, we promote the conservation of carnivores through product sales and education

(156) Sierra Endangered Cat Haven
Conservation is the key to saving cats in the wild and engaging public support through education is the goal of the Cat Haven. We can make a difference

(157) incrediblebats
We dispel bat myths. Our educational presentation's message is to appreciate this misunderstood creature. We also utilize the intricate design of bats to support a biblical view of creation. Free...

(158) American Mosquito Control Association
provide leadership, information and education relating to public health and diseases by the reduction of annoyance levels caused by mosquitoes and other vectors and pests of public health importance

(159) Florida Mosquito Control Association
provide leadership, information and education relating to public health and diseases by the reduction of annoyance levels caused by mosquitoes and other vectors and pests of public health importance

(160) Pets and People: Companions in Therapy & Service
Provides information, education, certification; for animal-assisted therapy, visitation, service dogs, even service cats



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