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(1) American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association AFRMA
Non-profit international club whose purpose is to is to promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice for show and pets

(2) The best kennel in Thailand
boxers, dobermanns, rottweilers, puppies (In English & Thai)

(3) Manitoba Horse Council
A non-profit organization founded to secure the needs of equestrians throughout Manitoba

(4) National Alternative Pet Association
Resource for exotic/alternative pet owners, suppliers, rescue groups/shelters, clubs, breeders, fanciers, zookeepers, vets or anyone else with an interest in pets who are 'different'. URL listings for various types of exotic pet sites, adoption listings, lost/found and other services

(5) African Bird Club
African Bird Club for birders and ornithologists dedicated to wild African birds and their conservation and how to join, club news, sales, Bulletin articles, photos and artwork

(6) BirdLife South Africa
BirdLife South Africa exists to help the public understand and enjoy birds We are dedicated to the study and protection of birds and their environments

(7) FinchWorld
Information about finch including forum, chat, newsgroups listserv, directories, breeds

(8) Oriental Bird Club
Oriental Bird Club, for birders and ornithologists dedicated to wild Oriental birds and their conservation

(9) Horses in Belgium
info on breeders, stables, breed info, clubs and other hippo links

(10) Fern Cage Mfg Home Page
High quality small animal cages for your every need - the only cages approved and endorsed by the Rat and Mouse Club of America

(11) The Pony Place
We breed Canadian sport POA ponies. Family fun website for information about CPOA and ponies for sale priced to fit your needs and budget also stallions at stud

(12) Tailsend Cattery
Web site provides information about pedigreed cats, cat shows and cat clubs

(13) Butterflies on the Web
This link page is dedicated to the earth's most beautiful creatures

(14) Chuck's Hobby Page
Photos of galaxies, nebulas and tips on various aspects of the hobby Butterflies

(15) Cat Fanciers Web Site
Web site provides articles and links on cat breeds, cat shows, cat care, animal welfare, and veterinary medicine - Also includes a directory of over 800 cat breeders

(16) Cats in Canada
Web site is dedicated to the promotion of Canadian cats

(17) CLAW
A fascinating club for cats offering opportunities to broaden your nine lives and to show off your abilities to rule

(18) Kitty Friends Cat Club
A club for cats and a site for animal lovers

(19) American Kennel Club (AKC)
Dedicated to Purebred Dogs and Responsible Dog Ownership since 1984

(20) Bichon Frise Club of America, Inc.
Encourage and Promote quality in the breeding of pure-bred Bichon Frise and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection



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