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(1) International Aviculturists Society
IAS is a Group of Aviculturists from around the world striving to Protect, Preserve & Enhance the keeping & breeding of all Exotic birds

(2) The Jane Goodall Institute Canada
JGI Canada leads visitors through research, conservation and environmental education programs. Meet the chimpanzees of Gombe, discover our African sanctuaries. Meet Dr. Goodall, her work, current activities. Become a member

(3) National Alternative Pet Association
Resource for exotic/alternative pet owners, suppliers, rescue groups/shelters, clubs, breeders, fanciers, zookeepers, vets or anyone else with an interest in pets who are 'different'. URL listings for various types of exotic pet sites, adoption listings, lost/found and other services

Home of butterflies, moths, beetles, scorpions, walking sticks, ants, flies and lots of other beautiful, but sometimes pesky, little critters

(5) Agriculture and Livestock Horses, Cattle, Exotic Animal Classifieds
Animals for sale Looking for Arabian horses for sale or Highland cattle or Exotic animals of any kind How about Soay sheep or that young rope horse you've been dreaming of

(6) Huggin' Pup Farm Chinchillas
We are breeding pet chinchillas in our home in South Carolina. They are cuddled and loved so they can be sold as happy, friendly pets

(7) Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.
Manufacturer of exotic pet products

(8) Cats in Canada
Web site is dedicated to the promotion of Canadian cats

(9) Cats Wild to Mild
Filled with 'purrfect' fun, this exciting new exhibition traces the natural history of the cat from wild, exotic felines to America's number one pet

(10) Cat Tales
Endangered Species Conservation Park Zoological Training Center

(11) JES Exotic Animal Rescue
Dedicated to the rescue and refuge of abused and abandoned exotic animals. Home to more than 50 large cats and other animals who had been abused, starved or in danger of death

(12) SHEA Park
Safe Haven for Endangered Animals - Exotic Animal Sanctuary

(13) Wild About Cats
Dedicated to providing responsible homes for captive-bred wild felines, and promoting preservation of habitat for their wild-born cousins

(14) Wild Ones
A non-profit corporation founded by Shirley Malar. Exotic cats animal rescue

(15) - Birds & Branches / Bird Barn
An online pet bird store with shopping basket and site search system Our Web Site is Our Catalog

(16) Exotic Wings & Pet Things
We are a pet store and more. We specalize in Hand fed pet birds all Canadian bred from around the world. Many different lines of food and supplies are offered

(17) Assiniboine Park Zoo
Because of harsh winters this cold park emphasizes hardy animals native to North America or similar regions of Europe and Asia Beautifully landscaped enclosures house more delicate, exotic species

(18) Brevard Zoo
Features over 200 animals representing more than 60 species including alligator, crocodile, giant anteater, tapir, marmoset, jaguar, eagle, river otter, exotic birds and more

(19) Cyber Zoomobile
Virtual access to the wonders of the animal kingdom. Enter an interactive realm where you are able to bring many of the world's most exotic species into your home for study and research, or simply your viewing pleasure

(20) Greater Chicago Ferret Association
your doorway to all aspects of the G.C.F.A. Ferret Club, Shelter and Ferret Information Links



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