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(21) PetsForum Group Web Service Center
PetsForum Group Web Service Center - world's largest electronic information service for pets and animals

(22) Finchworld The Center for Exotic Finches
Finchworld is the premier finch site on the World Wide Web. Finchworld is devoted to Finch-lovers and Finch Breeder as a resource for caring for their birds

(23) BirdsnWays - All About Pet Birds - Pet parrots & exotic birds, bird...
Pet parrots & exotic birds, products, bird care & services. 1000s of pet birds, parrots & exotic birds sources - parrot breeders, cages, toys, food, pets classifieds, magazine e-zine, chats...

(24) Those Majestic Macaws
Our site is intended to be fun and provide useful information concerning Macaws, their health and behavior

(25) Parrots and pet birds. The source for pet birds and...
Directory, directories, Pet parrots, exotic birds, products, bird care, services, supplies. Birds for sale, parrot sources - breeders, cages, toys, food, classifieds, postcards, chats, shows, misting, bathing, lights, heat panels...

(26) Parrot Talk Connection
Welcome to Parrot Talk Connection, where the health and well being of parrots is the primary concern

(27) AAHA Healthypet Home Page
Pet care resources by the American Animal Hospital Association to find a veterinarian, veterinary clinic or animal hospital for pets such as dogs & cats and provide pet care tips...

Multi-award winning comprehensive pet magazine and encyclopedia. Over 5,000 pages of information. Care, breed profiles, training, health, message boards, PetsMarket, videos and much more. Features, columns and Q&As by experts

(29) tkReptiles
Searchable Reptile Index to look for all your reptile needs. Look for breeders, free chat, supplies, reptile sites, care sheets, free e-mail, iguana stuff and more

(30) The Pet Butler Company - Intro Page
Our purpose in this company is to give the pet owner, like ourselves, truly useful products that make their life, and the life of the pet, easier and more comfortable

(31) VetSc@pe - Veterinary Internet Resource Network
VetScape is one of the oldest and largest veterinary Internet resources in the world. The site was established in 1994, its purpose to provide a fast and easy to use...

(32) Ginger's Exotic WolfCam©
A live view into an unusual backyard in northern Idaho via webcam, home of Angus and Brianna, a pair of wolves living in their natural habitat. 15 second refresh rate

(33) Riki's Perch
Web site dedicated to pet parrots: Double Yellow Head, Yellow Nape, and Eclectus

(34) Feathers-N-Fur - Pet Toys and Supplies
features hand-crafted and manufactured pet necessities for birds, cats, dogs, small & exotic animals and you

(35) The Avicultural Society of America
Avicultural club, exotic birds

(36) The New Jersey State Aquarium's Official Site
Over 4,000 aquatic animals including exotic fish and tropical fish, sharks, seals, stingrays and penguins

(37) Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada - PIJAC Canada
Introduction to Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada (PIJAC Canada) (In French & English)

(38) Whistling Bird Training Tapes
3 fun training tapes for exotic birds. From parakeets to macaws. Vol. 1 Showtunes Vol.2 Christmas Vol. 3 Country. Fun songs on each tape to teach whistling in an entertaining...

(39) Tracy's Animal Page
This is a web page about my animals (rabbits, hamsters, and mice) with lots of pics of them and information on care. There are also lots of links to informational...

(40) Icemoor cats
I have been breeding British Shorthair, Exotic shorthair and Persian cats in the UK for over 13 years



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