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(1) Marinelife Center of Juno Beach
A non-profit education and conservation facility dedicated to the conservation and preservation of our marine environment through education, research and rehabilitation

(2) EJ's FIshing
How to fish and flyfish for bass, pike, muskie, walleye, and trout. Also: chat, pics, links, free classified ads, message board, fish stories, and much more

(3) Honey Bears World
And who's been looking at my website . . . said Daddy Bear in his gruff growly voice

(4) Polar Bears by Jon
One day in the northern Arctic, 8 year-old polar bear, PJ, was out catching pink salmon for lunch

(5) Wildfowl net The Ultimate Waterfowl Resource
Collection of original waterfowl articles, stories, recipes, images, sounds, and links for the dedicated hunter

(6) Cowboy Bob's Home Spread
A site for horse lovers of all ages - packed with horsemanship questions and answers, tips, stories, photos and much more

(7) The Tale of the Coyote
One day, a man was walking down a village path when he met a coyote. Normally when a man sees a coyote, he gets scared

(8) Elephant Research
If you know any stories about elephants, or any good references on the subject, please send them to me

(9) Bdewman's Gerbil Page
A Gerbil Care Page with lots of information and links, stories, free advertisement posting, and much more

(10) Children's Butterfly Site
A place specifically designed for kids to learn about butterflies and moths

Visit a small Oregon farm raising Arabian horses and Highland cattle. Lots of pictures, stories and information

(12) Senior Dogs Project
Encourages and enables people to express their intuitive tendencies toward kindness and caring

(13) animalINK
Information, stories and activities for people concerned about animals, animal welfare and humane education

(14) Adventure Stories
The Incredible adventures of Professor von Borgengruft

(15) American Bald Eagle Information
In-depth bald eagle information, photos, stories, greeting cards and a viewing directory

(16) Animal Immortality Book, Vet News, Pet Care and Animal Stories
Scripture says that all animals, cats, dogs, horses and birds, will be in heaven. Will I see Fido in Heaven is a book examining Scripture from The Bible about these...

(17) Dogs, Cats, Pets, People - Dr. Roen's Weekly Veterinary Column
A regular Monday feature of the Lewiston Morning Tribune for 15 years - advice, information, humor, human intereststories, about dogs, cats, other pets & animals, and people. Updated with a...

(18) Pet Travel and Dog Fun from Betty White
Traveling with your pet as told from the canine perspective, with information on presidential dogs, dog jokes, dog stories, dog quizzes...

A free site for dog lovers to exchange dog stories, win prizes, find a local vet, learn about new products, meet other dog lovers and more

(20) Paw Prints Sled Dogs
One man's journey on the Iditarod Dog Sled Race. Unique Alaskan adventure stories, race updates and great photos



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