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(21) For Dog Lovers Everywhere
My website is for dog lovers who enjoy poems, humor, stories, polls, and awards or need health information, rescue help, care tips or a dog faq. Meet my dogs too

(22) Drew's Homepage
A site dedicated to my adorable black and tan Pomeranian, Drew. With stories, photos and links

(23) The Catalina Island Cats
Family-friendly site about cats, pets, animals, No-Kill Movement, Catalina Island life, our local cable TV show, cat video we produce. Pictures, stories, free newsletter, cat webring

(24) Dog TV
Companion site to the popular TV show presenting dog-related information for dog lovers around the world. Health tips, dog-related events, and special guests are on this family-friendly site

(25) Eclectus *Land of Vos*
Largest Eclectus web site on the Internet. Features beautiful photos, recipes, articles, stories, FAQs, medical information, natural healing, and herbal remedies. Helpful information for alll parrot species

(26) All things Aussie and Doggy
The life of a little dog in Australia. Her family, friends and homeland. Australian history, geography, literature, poetry and humour. Links to more information on Australia and dogs.



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